33 Great ideas for digital nomad jobs in 2024

Are you tired of the 9-to-5 grind? Are you ready for a life of adventure and excitement? If the digital nomad lifestyle has always appealed to you then you need to check out these ideas for digital nomad jobs.

What are the best jobs for digital nomads? 

If you’re here asking that question then there’s no one-answer-fits-all solution. However I’ve been a digital nomad full time for over two years now, so I can share what I do, as well as other remote nomad jobs and online nomad jobs that I’ve seen friends and other people doing.

Digital nomads are location-independent workers who use technology to perform their jobs. This allows them to live a nomadic lifestyle, travelling wherever they want, whenever they want.

I love the slower pace of digital nomadism, being able to work where I live means I can create a community there of like-minded people, often from all over the world. It also means I can immerse myself in the culture, nature, traditions and beauty of each destination more than I ever could if I was to visit for a 7 day trip.

If this lifestyle is speaking to you, there are plenty of great digital nomad jobs out there. To help you get started as a nomad, I've put together a list of 30 job ideas for digital nomads and I hope at least one of them speaks to you!

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Digital Nomad workspace

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Digital Nomad vs Remote Worker

Firstly, let’s address an important distinction.

This article is targeted at digital nomads - people who can travel and work from anywhere and will earn their income online one way or another, through online, digital jobs as long as they have an internet connection. Often these are business owners or freelancers who are location independent.

A remote worker on the other hand, could be an employee. If your job or company allows you to work remotely then you are an employee who is remote. So your income is the same each month and comes from the same (usually one) employer. If you are a remote worker, then you likely do not need the list below. However, on this list are several jobs that are “traditionally” 9-to-5 jobs, however there is now a growing market (and financial reward) for those skills on more contractual, freelance or project-based terms. Examples of this are data scientists, recruiter, accountant, software engineer or UX designer.


Where to find Digital Nomad work?

You’re probably thinking, well this list is great and all, but how do I actually find those jobs.

There’s no gatekeeping here!

Here are my top places to find work and this is absolutely not exhaustive. Particularly if you have very specialist skills like data science, engineering etc - there are probably dedicated forums, groups and resources in that industry or niche that will be helpful for you too (I’m not in those areas at all so I have no clue!)

Where to find the best nomad jobs:

  • Facebook groups for the niche, job or industry you’re interested in - not just jobs boards but also support groups where you could get started

  • Upwork, Fivver, 99designs - or similar gig job sites

  • LinkedIn

  • Indeed, Monster Jobs or similar job board websites - I’m not a huge fan of these and not many are suitable for freelancers but there is an occasional contract-based role for specialist areas and can lead to more permanent digital nomad careers.

  • Reddit - is there a dedicated subreddit for your skill or niche? Help people out on there and this can lead to a job 

  • Social media - follow people who are your target audience and watch for them outsourcing. This works well for marketing, social media, copywriting, graphic designers or similar where I would suggest following people who are coaches, start ups, entrepreneurs, agencies etc - these people are likely to outsource to someone like you

  • Dedicated websites - some non tech digital nomad jobs like transcription have dedicated websites like Rev, where you can sign up and select jobs to take on.

Dedicated remote jobs websites:


33 of the best digital nomad jobs

1. Freelance Writer

Kicking off with one of my favourite parts of my job as a digital nomad. 

I do freelance writing work for clients including bloggers and media outlets. My primary focus is as a freelance travel writer (something I always dreamed of doing when I was younger), but I also do affiliate blog posts or review articles based on client provided content.

I’ve also been able to transfer my writing skills and I also write podcast descriptions, email and sales page copy. Although these aren’t my specialty, I’ve always been a writer, I write for two of my own websites and I studied English Literature at university, so I have strong transferable skills.

If you have a knack for writing, then why not get paid to do it? There are still many businesses and individuals out there who are looking for high-quality content. The best part of being a freelance writer is that I can choose what area to specialise in and write about and I can do it from anywhere in the world, as long as I have my laptop! 

A great option if it’s a priority for you to set your own hours and choose how much you work.


2. Social Media Management

Everyone spends time on social media these days and if you’ve worked hard to grow your own accounts, understand trends, build a strategy and keep up to date with the algorithm then you could have great transferable skills to become a social media manager for people and businesses who are looking for freelancers to manage their social accounts.

This could be anything from posting content and building the client’s online presence, to creating a social media strategy and creating the actual content.

Don’t worry if the strategy side doesn’t appeal to you though. I’ve also seen plenty of businesses, creators and individuals looking for someone to do their engagement for them. So you could literally be paid to comment, like, interact and engage on their account.


3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

As a blogger myself, I love SEO and it’s also a service I offer as part of my freelance writing. However SEO goes beyond just optimising an article. It can include on-page and off-page SEO, website optimisation, linking strategy and more.

SEO is all about optimising websites so that they rank higher in search results. This can be a complex task, but those who are successful can earn quite a bit of money doing it and it’s an industry that’s growing each day. If you have an understanding of how search engines work, then you could make good money helping businesses improve their online visibility.


4. Graphic Designer

If you’re someone who loves to create visual content, perhaps you’re a wizz using Adobe Indesign or you have a flair for aesthetics, then you have a highly sought-after skill - graphic design.

Graphic designers can create and even specialise in anything from logos and website layouts to infographics and marketing materials. And thanks to sites like 99designs, Fiverr, and Upwork, it's easier than ever to find work as a graphic designer online. 


5. Virtual Assistant or Executive Assistant

This is actually how I got started in my journey as a self-employed business owner and then digital nomad.

This is probably my most recommended role to focus on if you’re not sure where to start with finding nomadic lifestyle jobs, because a Virtual Assistant (VA) covers so many areas and niches and you can literally work from anywhere - Virtual is in the title!

Many business owners, entrepreneurs, founders or startups hit a ceiling where they can no longer grow their business without outsourcing some of the time-consuming tasks, tasks they hate or tasks they aren’t very good at in their business.

They recognise the classic “you have to spend money to make money” and this is where you step in to take things off their plate so they can focus on bigger projects in their business.

A general VA might manage the emails, inbox, calendar and meeting schedule for their client. You could be looking after their travel schedule, setting up calls, taking meeting notes, onboarding their clients, filing their expenses, managing their social media, taking calls, invoicing, and so many more.

If you’ve had an office job at any point in your life, you absolutely have the transferable skills to become a virtual assistant. But a VA can also specialise in certain areas or industries if you know your have strengths in a certain area, here are a few examples:

  • Admin and Operations virtual assistant

  • Podcast management virtual assistant

  • Community management virtual assistant

  • Instagram/TikTok/LinkedIn virtual assistant

  • Cold calling and outreach virtual assistant

  • Pinterest virtual assistant

  • Virtual assistant for coaches in the welling and nutrition niche

  • Virtual assistant for female business coaches


6. Blogger

This is the other half of my business - I run two travel websites and I’m a travel blogger and content creator.

I am always hesitant to suggest blogging on a list like this because blogging is a LONG GAME. I would not recommend blogging if you’re ready to start making money online immediately or even within the next 6-12 months.

However blogging is a fantastic skill and asset to have if you’re passionate about a certain topic and have the discipline to write about it regularly.

Setting up a website is definitely a learning curve but if you do it right and have great high quality, optimised and monetised content, you can earn multiple 5-figures a month in the future.

To be totally honest, I earn in the low 4-figures from blogging and I’ve been blogging regularly for 2 years now - so this should give you an idea of the work it takes! But it all depends on the niche you pick and how much time you can spend on it, you could have a nice semi-passive income stream from it in a few years time.

If this is something you’re interested in, I suggest joining free blogging facebook groups like DNW - Make Money from Blogging.


7. Content Creator or Influencer

Also an area I work in and can cover a variety of social media platforms.

If you have an audience online, whether that’s Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, even a Facebook Group, you can work with brands to share and promote their product or service to your followers.

And you don’t need millions or even over 10,000 followers to do that. Some brands are now focusing on working with micro-influencers and nano-influencers who often have a more engaged audience than larger accounts.

You can pitch to brands with what you can offer and share your rate with them for an Instagram post, an Instagram story, a shoutout in a YouTube video, even to sponsor your podcast if you have one!

Think about which brands you already use and which brands align with your online brand and values - the partnerships have to be authentic otherwise they won’t benefit the brand and they won’t benefit you because your audience will lose trust in you.


8. UGC Content Creator

If the content creator job sounds great to you but you don’t have a following, there’s another option too! The rise of brands paying creators for User Generated Content (UGC).

UGC is content created by users for the brand to use on their digital channels, so you never actually have to post the content on your own channels. It’s taking the “influencer” aspect out of content creation.

The best part is, you don’t need any following online, you could literally start creating content today. I suggest creating a “portfolio” either on Instagram or TikTok, then create content with items you already have in your house, or services you already buy and tag the brands.

Obviously the content you create should match the brand’s aesthetic and values otherwise you won’t align. Then start reaching out to brands with your content you’ve created and pitch them a package of similar content that they can buy from you. I’ve also heard that Twitter is a great place to find UGC jobs - perfect for nomadic lifestyle jobs!


9. Podcast editor and/or management

Another role I’ve somewhat done and this is a great digital nomad job idea if you want to niche down in the service-based industry.

I have my own podcast and have always edited it myself, so when I had a couple of clients launching podcasts, I was able to help them with theirs too.

You can get started totally for free. I edit using the free software, Audacity. I edit the audio then add in the client’s intro and outro music and write their show notes and podcast description. I also note down snippets to send to their social media manager for content creation. 

Another great option to set your own hours and choose how much you work.


10. Transcription

When I first started side hustling, this was my first digital nomad job!

I used Rev.com which is a transcription service for freelancers to sign up and convert audio to text. This could be anything from lectures to interviews to podcasts. You have to do a short test to get started and obviously the faster your wpm typing speed the better! But you can work as much or as little as you like.

This is a great option for those looking for digital nomad jobs with no experience and you can set your own hours.


11. Account manager

I am technically an account manager for a Pinterest Agency with one of my clients. 

Account managers can cover a range of niches and industries from marketing agencies and PR firms to recruitment or the financial industry. A lot of the role is looking after clients and managing the accounts so in many industries you are able to do this remotely. Some agencies may also hire a contractual account manager for short periods which are great for digital nomad careers.


12. Photographer

A freelance digital nomad is probably the most common and you’ll find a lot of digital nomad freelancers are in the creative industries.

If you have an eye for photography, you could sell your images to media outlets, tourism boards, stock photo sites or even be contracted for specific projects by brands and companies.

I recommend building up an online portfolio for this.


13. Online English Teacher

One of the most popular ways that digital nomads make money.

Simply get your TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate - you can buy a course online for around $20. Then to join online tutoring companies you must be a native speaker, have a good internet connection and have a laptop and headset. Some companies also require you to have a degree.

DaDa ABC, iTutor Group, Gogokid, Palfish, Whales English, VIPKid and Cambly are just a few of the dozens of English Language platforms available. Most are teaching children in countries in Asia so you are bound by the time zone and their compulsory school hours. But some also teach adults too.


14. Tutoring

If you have skills or qualifications in a specific subject you could also offer private tutoring. Parents will often pay a lot for high quality tutoring before major exams for their children and this could be fruitful if you’d prefer to work in the timezone of your home country.


15. Web Developer or Designer

People always need websites designed, refreshed or updated, so if you’re a wizz web developer then you are in high demand!

Even if you do it more as a side hobby and don’t have much experience, there are people who are willing to give you your first gig for a discount and they can give you a testimonial in return - this is a great way to get started as a digital nomad freelance worker.


16. Specialist copywriter (emails, landing pages, sales copy etc)

Do you have a flair for a specific type of copy that converts sales well? From personal experience, my clients are always on the search for a talented copywriter to convert their email list to paid customers or write the copy for a landing page that converts well.

If you have a knack for writing sales copy - that is a great niche to drill down to fund your digital nomad lifestyle!


17. Freelance editor

If you have editing skills, more and more companies such as start ups, publishers and agencies are turning to freelance editors to get through their growing copy list!

I used to work for a publisher who would frequently hire contractors and freelance editors as well as their in-house editing team.


18. Project Manager or OBM

OBM stands for Online Business Manager and this is the area I’ve “graduated” to after being a Virtual Assistant.

An OBM takes a more project management role in a business, acting like the right hand person to the founder or CEO and overseeing processes, operations and projects. Basically, rather than working in the project, they manage the smooth running of it.

As an OBM, I support my clients with strategy, setting up SOPs and processes to make their business more efficient and maintain the momentum on projects and manage the other freelancers or VAs that the client has hired.

If you’re someone who loves organisation and efficiency and is comfortable taking control and working with a lot of independence then this is a great area to transition into from being a VA and you can charge significantly more.


19. Coaching

I probably meet a digital nomad who is a coach every week.

If you have a strong skill set in something and believe you can guide other people through a certain problem or process - why not coach other people who want to be where you are!

Life coaching, business coaching, personal brand coaching, wellbeing coaching, financial coaching, social media coaching, fitness and personal training coaching - the list is endless and you can make this role fit your lifestyle and hours easily.


20. Translator

If you speak another language, the possibilities for you are wide open! I’ve met digital nomad customer service agents who work for multinational companies, I’ve met translators for the EU commission and I’ve met freelance translators who specialise in translating books, documents and information pamphlets for tech companies.

If you speak another language, that’s a huge skill to leverage and there should be plenty of digital nomad jobs available to you as many will be happy to take someone on as a remote worker due to the nature of you speaking another language and possibly being based elsewhere.


Other top digital nomad jobs list ideas

The rest of this list contains some of the best jobs for nomads that I’ve heard of other people doing, but have no direct experience with myself.

21. Drop Shipping

Super simple concept, create a physical item to sell such as a tshirt with a cute design, jewellery, homeware - literally anything, you can create a design for it on Canva and upload the design to a dropship company that then creates the tshirt and sends it for you - this is drop shipping.

It doesn’t have to be tshirts or clothes either. It can be products you buy and sell directly without any design input. Check out Shopify, Printful, Dropified Wholesale2B and more.

It avoids the need for you to hold physical stock and it’s great if you’re a creative person who can see a gap in the market for your product.

A great option for those looking for semi-passive income.


22. Research analyst or data analyst

Do you have experience as an analyst? With the world moving more and more online, your analytical skills are used in so many industries and niches from corporate finance, start up companies to government bodies.


23. Software engineer

One of the top paying digital nomad jobs due to the high skill level and high demand. If you have experience as a software engineer, your opportunities are vast. I once met a software engineer in Split who worked for a company as a software engineer and they were so keen to keep him that they paid for his relocation package to Croatia as long as he stayed working with them!


24. Programmer

If you can write code, people are clamouring for your experience right now across almost every major industry. A digital nomad programmer is one of the most common digital nomad jobs.


25. Wordpress Developer

Wordpress powers almost half the websites on the internet, so if you have Wordpress developer skills, that’s half the websites on the internet that could use your experience!

Some companies are even looking for in-house or long term contracts with developers to keep up maintenance on their websites.


26. Cyber Security

A very niche area which is also growing exponentially! If you have experience in cyber security or online security in any form, your skills are highly in demand.


27. Data Scientist

Similar to analysts, if you have a background in data science or a strong understanding of how data can be used to develop businesses, you have a great opportunity to find nomad digital jobs.


28. Stock trader

I’ve met a surprising number of people who have left their full time role in investments or the stock exchange and that’s definitely a skill you can still use to leverage your own personal income!


29. Accountant

More and more accountants are realising the benefits of going remote and a freelance accountant has many perks by not being tied to a certain company or ethos. When I was searching for my own accountant, about half were freelance, small business owners.


30. Business Consulting

This is a great option if you’ve had an extensive career in a field or industry that other people are seeking advice and support on.

Rather than working in-house, you can charge a much higher fee to consult a business to help them reach the business goals or targets they’re working on.


31. Recruiter

More and more recruitment firms and staffing agencies are turning to freelance contractors to do the leg work of developing job descriptions and posting job ads, vetting resumes and shortlisting clients. Of course all of these tasks can be done remotely - you just need a computer and an internet connection!


32. UX Designer

UX or User Experience, is huge in the world of digital design for websites and apps right now. A UX designer is someone who works to optimise the product or service and make it as enjoyable and usable for the user as possible. 

With Google pushing UX more than ever, this is a high demand job and a popular one for digital nomad lifestyle jobs as the hours are often very flexible.


33. Professional poker player or betting

Adding this one to the list because I recently met a professional sports better who has been doing that full time for 10 years. It’s a risky one and I personally wouldn’t do it, but if you know what you’re doing, apparently it’s a very profitable business.


Summary: 30 of the best jobs for digital nomads

These are just some of the great job ideas for digital nomads out there. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to make money online that will allow you to live a location independent life as a digital nomad and you can so often find digital nomad jobs based on transferable skills that you already have.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your escape from the rat race today!

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