The Best Rooftop Bar in Florence with a view of the Duomo

After a disappointing trip to Milan a few days earlier where I discovered the “famous” rooftop bar there had a queue so long that it was a health and safety hazard (!!) I was really holding out hope for finding the best rooftop bar in Florence with a view of the Florence Duomo.

As I’d discovered on our road trip around Italy, the price of an Aperol Spritz increases x10 when you’re paying for the view too. Which is why I was very pleasantly surprised to discover a Florence rooftop bar with a view of the Duomo and they served an 11 Euro Aperol!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to gatekeep the name of the best rooftop in Florence with the best view in Florence!

Read on to discover the best rooftops in Florence with views of Duomo Firenze, aka Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, and a few alternative options to discover if you’re visiting Florence for a few days!

A view across roof tops of the famous dome and tower of the Florence Duomo in Italy with terracotta orange dome and black detail architecture

Rooftop view of the Florence Duomo

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The best rooftop bar in Firenze with a view of the Duomo

girl in a brown wide rim hat, holding an orange drink looking out across rooftops to the view of the Florence Duomo

The View on Art

The bar you want to look for is called The View on Art.

To find it on Google Maps, search for “The View on Art Rooftop Cocktail Bar” to find the best rooftop bar in Florence.

This is actually a hotel that I came across while planning our very last minute trip to Florence - you can book the hotel here if you’re interested.

I ultimately decided against booking the hotel because it was extremely expensive considering how last minute I was booking and the rooms looked extremely basic. I would perhaps be willing to pay the cheaper off-season rates for the spectacular views of the Florence Duomo from the bedroom windows. But many of the reviews agreed that the hotel is very tired and in need of renovation.

Many reviews also mentioned a lack of air conditioning which considering the heatwave we were enduring - I couldn’t face a night there!

However it seems the slightly tired decor may work in our favour because the hotel’s rooftop bar is also pretty basic - in fact it felt more like a cafe on a roof. But it means you have spectacular views for a very affordable price and undoubtedly the best rooftop bar in Firenze for views and value!


How to find the View on Art Rooftop Bar in Florence, Italy

The easiest way is to use Google Maps and search for “The View on Art Rooftop Cocktail Bar”

You’ll find the hotel on Via dei Medici and the staff will direct you to a tiny elevator that takes you to the top floor. Here you’ll come out into a cafe area and you’ll want to head straight out to the terrace for the views.

view across terracotta rooftops of Florence from a rooftop bar with views of the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral of Florence

Rooftop view of Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral


The best rooftop bars: Florence

girl sitting on a wall with the panoramic view of Florence, Italy in the distance

Piazzale Michelangelo

Looking for other roof top bars Florence has to offer?

Here are a few more rooftop bars in Florence as well as some of the best rooftop restaurants in Florence:

  • La Terrazza rooftop bar Florence

  • Hotel Continentale Florence rooftop bar

  • Angel Rooftop bar and dining Firenze

  • The Westin Florence rooftop bar at the Excelsior

  • Panoramic Bar at Hotel degli Orafi

  • Divina Terrazza at Grand Hotel Cavour

  • Piazzale Michelangelo - not technically a bar but head to this free viewing platform for panoramic views of Florence and there’s a cafe or two right here!


Summary: best rooftop bar with a view in Florence

I’m definitely more of a penny pincher when I travel and The View on Art rooftop suited me perfectly and was definitely my choice for the best rooftop Florence had to offer - affordable, paying for the views, no frills, nothing fancy, just a drink and a view. Bottom line - don’t expect anything fancy or luxurious, go here for a spectacular rooftop view of Florence and one of the best views of the Florence Duomo.

Check out the rest of the list above for some of the top bars Florence has to offer; there really is something for everyone and all budgets.

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