The best restaurants in Split, Croatia: where to eat and drink in Split

A huge part of any travel itinerary is deciding where to eat. Thankfully if you’re planning to spend a few days in Split, there are plenty of places to eat in Split, Croatia, to suit all tastes.

Having lived in Split, Croatia for 7 months now (at the time of writing) on the Croatian Digital Nomad visa, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to try many of the best places to eat in Split and one of the questions I get asked the most by people visiting the city is: Where are the best food spots in Split?

Unfortunately there’s no single answer I can give to that question. But when it comes to good food, Split has a huge variety to offer from traditional Balkan food to Mexican or Italian.

Thanks to its long and varied history, Croatia is a melting pot of cuisines with traditional Balkan dishes but plenty of Italian, Greek and German influences too - which can vary even depending on where in the country you are.

So whether you’re looking for the best local restaurants in Split Croatia, the best seafood in Split, the best Split fine dining experience, the best vegan restaurants in Split, or just a great coffee spot, this Split food guide aims to answer all your questions about the top restaurants Split has to offer.

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Need to start planning your trip to Split ASAP?

Below are some of the top rated tours, hotels and recommendations for visiting Split. Make sure to book ahead of time to ensure availability!

Top Experiences and Tours in Split:
1) 5 Islands full day boat trip (my favourite boat trip to see loads in one day!)
2) Krka Waterfalls day trip with food and wine tasting (seeing the falls is a must do!)
3) Blue Lagoon, shipwreck visit and Solta island with lunch and drinks (perfect for spending a whole day on the water and great value)

Top Hotels and Accommodation in Split:
1) Hotel Ambasador (brand new hotel, amazing location next to Old Town with waterfront views)
2) Briig Boutique Hotel. (best location right by Bacvice Beach)
3) Gallery Luxury Suites (a little further from the city, more secluded and self catered with incredible infinity pool)

Blue water leading up to the boardway of the old town with many white stone building and a ornate stone tower in the distance

Split, Croatia


Where to find the best food in Split

A wooden charcuterie board with and abundance of hard cheese, dried meats, and greet lettuce

Local charcuterie board

I’ll be splitting this section into cuisines such as Croatian, Italian and Mexican, but further down you’ll also find options for meals such as the best breakfast spots in Split or the best lunch in Split. Below that you’ll also find vegan and vegetarian options followed by the best places for drinks in Split.

NOTE: Split (and Croatia in general) is very seasonal and while a lot of places in Split stay open throughout the year, there are many that only open during the season (May-October). Many restaurant owners will also take a holiday in November after the season and return in December for Christmas. Please bear in mind if you are visiting out of season - check restaurant websites and Facebook pages to confirm their current opening hours.


The best Croatian food in Split

A white patterned bowl filled with cooked crab in a red tomato sauce

Villa Spiza

This is obviously a tough choice but the restaurant I always take any of our visitors to is Villa Spiza in the Old Town.

Villa Spiza is a cosy, homely and welcoming family run restaurant that takes cash only, has a handwritten menu and seasonal dishes depending on what’s growing, what’s the latest catch etc.

I love it because the restaurant is split across rooms on two sides of the alleyway, it’s just so unique that it’s an entertaining experience for any visitors to the town.

In the past I’ve had their shrimp, their spaghetti, their beef steak, their fried smelts and their local cheese and prosciutto platter. Their house wines are a great local selection too.

This is a popular spot for a reason and they don’t take reservations, so I suggest dining here on a weekday or turning up early!


The best Konoba in Split

A large wite bowl filled with a brown cooked meat in sauce and basket of bread on a white table

Konoba Food

This one is pretty impossible to answer because there are so many.

A Konoba is basically to Croatia what a taverna is to Greece. It’s a local restaurant, usually independently owned with a taverna style.

The Fife  Konoba by the marina is always a popular choice for the best konoba Split has to offer. However we went on a food tour of Split this year and were introduced to a Konoba just outside Split Old Town called Konoba Kod Joze.

The owner here described his restaurant as “the place that the bus drivers go for lunch after they’ve dropped off the bus full of tourists” - ha!

So as you can probably gather, it’s very local.

The dark wood interior and smoke atmosphere all add to that effect.

I don’t usually eat much beef but their beef and gnocchi dish is one of the best I’ve had in my life. The beef was slow roasted for two days prior and it was incredible. The complimentary shot of rakija (or rakia) went down well too!


Best pizzeria Split

Pizza at Skipper

For a while my favourite pizzeria in Split was another one called Bokemora and I do still love it there and think that it’s one of the best pizza restaurants in Split Croatia, however it was a bit pricier and my favourite part was actually the desert pizzas (white chocolate, raspberry and pistachio on a pizza, umm divine!).

However we discovered Pizzeria Skipper by accident when we were walking around the marina one day and were amazed at the huge range of pizzas on offer, how cheap it was and also how incredible the view was.

There’s a huge range of pizzas from the classics to some more Italian and Croatian influences. There are also vegetarian options available. 

Depending on the time of year you visit, a larger portion of the outdoor seating area is dedicated to the neighbouring Restaurant Adriatic during the peak summer months, however you can still sit outside with a view of the marina, the city, the old town and the mountains at the Pizzeria in summer. In the spring, autumn and winter you also have the option to sit with a view of the sea, the islands and the coastline.

For two beers and two large pizzas, we usually pay around 21-25 euros! Without a doubt the best pizza in Split and with amazing views and great prices too.


Best Italian restaurant in Split Croatia

A rustic style desert pizza with cheese, white chocolate, and raspberries

Desert Pizza

This is another tough one because Croatia has a lot of Italian influence, both from its history as part of the Venetian Empire and also thanks to its proximity to Italy itself.

You’ll see countless pizzerias and Italian restaurant options available and obviously the two pizzerias I mentioned above are my favourites for pizza, but if you’re looking for great pasta options too, then head to Pizzaria Portas is a great Italian and Mediterranean restaurant with a beautiful rustic terrace area and of course, some of the best pasta in Split!


Best seafood restaurant in Split

A long glass dish with stuffed clam shells

A seafood dish at Leonis

Split is home to so many incredible seafood restaurants, you really can’t go wrong! Being located on the water, every seafood restaurant is serving fresh, local seafood and the choice is often overwhelming

Some of the best seafood restaurants in Split Croatia are unassuming places, takeout or street food or even just seasonal menus where the catch of the day differs so much.

But for my personal favourite seafood restaurant and the best seafood restaurant Split has to offer that’s a bit more of a hidden gem, I love Leonis Restaurant on the eastern edge of the old town. Here I had the best squid ink risotto of my life, amazing octopus salad and stuffed clam shells. 

Other friends who ate at Leonis also loved the scampi, the seabass and the fresh lobster.

It’s definitely on the pricier side but that’s expected with good, fresh seafood. It’s a lovely quiet location with a beautiful sunken outdoor terrace area and some of the best seafood Split has to offer.


Best sushi in Split

A rectangle plate with many colourful pieces of sushi


Located outside the old town and a short walk along the coast from Bacvice Beach, you’ll reach Firule Beach. Behind here you’ll find BIberon Sushi Bar. Biberon is a Croatian company and you’ll see they have a lot of speciality eateries such as sushi, cakes or wok.

The sushi restaurant here is very understated, elegant and a lovely change from the hustle and bustle of the old town.


Best Japanese food in Split

A dish of golden brown chicken, white rice, and a brown curry sauce

Katsu Curry

Silk is a Pan Asian restaurant which does a great range of fusion dishes, but we go here for ramen, sushi and Japanese Katsu curry (our favourite).

It’s a little pricey here, presumably because of the importing costs, but we’ve never had a bad meal here and I could order pretty much everything on the menu - making a decision is always so hard when we come here!


Best Split Mexican restaurant

A orange plate with three small grey tacos topped with  many colourful ingredients

Tacos at To Je Tako

This is actually the first place we ate out when we arrived in Split because they had their season opening night in April and we managed to book a seat.

After two months of travelling across Europe and eating lots of European cuisine, we were desperate for some spice and different flavours and To Je Tako did not disappoint!

This tiny restaurant is tucked down an alley just off the Diocletian Palace, opposite the Bell Tower. It seats no more than 20 people and is cash only.

We had some of the best nachos, tacos, enchiladas and burritos ever from here. I’m also a big fan of their Margaritas, try the Chipotle Margarita or the Jalapeno Margarita for a bit of a kick!

Because it’s so small, you do usually need to book To Je Tako and you can do that by contacting them via their Facebook page.


The best fine dining in Split, Croatia

A white bowl with a black coloured risotto

Squid Ink Risotto

Again I have to recommend Leonis here for the spectacular seafood - don’t miss the squid ink risotto.

Definitely check out Chops Grill for a luxury quiet escape on the edge of the old town, they specialise in steak.

Also Storija Fine Dining is a must experience for fine dining Split has to offer - the restaurant is the only restaurant in Split actually located inside the actual wall of the old town city walls. You’ll see beautiful vaulted stone ceilings and the original stonework. Their food is locally produced and sourced and so fresh with fantastic service. Also it’s tucked away on the Riva and we had no idea it was there until we were taken on a food tour.

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Best street food in Split, Croatia

Street Food

You need to try burek while you’re in Croatia. This flakey filo pastry is layered with cheese, sometimes meat and or spinach too. There are a lot of filling options but it’s a super yummy, savoury pastry that’s great for snacks on the go. Visit ST Burek in the old town to get some of the most authentic burek in Split.

Split is a real melting pot of cultures and cuisines and you’ll often see pop up stalls, events or food stands along the Riva, up Marmontova Ulica or in Gradski Perivoj gardens.


Best vegetarian restaurant in Split

A large burger filled with many colourful incidents on a wooden table

A burger at VEG

VEG is the best option for vegan and veggie food in Split with a great selection from poke bowls to wraps and sandwiches.

You might be surprised by the exterior of VEG, it looks like a quaint cottage, slightly out of place outside the Old town, but it’s worth a short walk here to try their menu options!

Every meal here is just super light and refreshing and it’s honestly a welcome break if you’ve been eating a lot of Croatian meals of meats, stews and seafood.


Best vegan restaurant in Split, Croatia

A large plate with a colourful and neatly presented meal

Food at Pandora’s Greenbox

This is an easy one to answer because there honestly isn’t a huge amount of options when it comes to vegan places to eat in Split.

However Pandora’s Greenbox is one of the best restaurants in Split Old Town and is hands down the best vegan spot you can ask for!

Everything is plant based and there’s also a great selection of gluten free options too.

The dishes are a little bit on the pricier side, but nothing you wouldn’t pay for the same in a major city in the UK.

The interior decor is absolutely worth mentioning too, it feels like you’ve stepped into a mythical forest with countless plants streaming down the wall, vines overhead and even a tree in the centre of the bar! All the plants are real too!


Best Split breakfast restaurants

Two plates with brown French toast and a yellow egged dish stacked on a two tier fixture sitting on a table outside

B7 Breakfast

To be honest, you can’t go wrong with finding a great bakery in Split and just grabbing a fresh pastry and coffee for breakfast to enjoy by the sea or on the go - it’s basically a Croatian staple diet!

But if you are looking for where to eat breakfast in Split or the best brunch spots in Split, look no further than Brasserie 7 on the Riva. 

Affectionately known as B7, this is a popular spot for expats and nomads to meet up during the October-April season, in fact you[‘ll find us here most weekends! This is my favourite spot and (in my opinion!) the best restaurants in Split Riva.

But what sets B7 apart is not only that it’s significantly cheaper than most of the neighbouring restaurants on the Riva, it also has a spectacular breakfast menu.

Have you ever seen those 2 or 3-tier afternoon tea stands? B7 does a brunch version of that, one tier is savoury - eggs on sourdough with local garnishes, the other is sweet - maple-soaked french toast with sugar glazed banana.

They also do a big breakfast, full English style, with meat and veggie options available.

If you want to enjoy at least one meal on the Riva (I know it can get a bit busy and overwhelming with people!), this is the one to go for!


The best lunch spot in Split

There are plenty of options for eating out or on the go while you’re in Split. But if you’re looking for a casual place to sit down, enjoy a drink and maybe a snack, sharing plate or small meal, check out Basta.

Located on the harbour waterfront just a short walk from the Riva, this is one of my favourite spots to sit and people watch or watch all the glamorous yachts come and go. 

They have bi-folding doors so in the good weather you can sit on the sofas inside but feel like you’re right out there on the water while you enjoy a bite to eat.


The best cheap eats in Split

A large brown bun burger wrapped in paper with fries and two pots of ketchup next to each other on a table

A burger at Toto’s

The cheapest places to eat in Split are outside of the main tourist area of the old town. So honestly you might need to walk a bit to find some of the cheaper spots.

However if you walk away from the Old Town towards the marina and the steps up the Marjan Hill, you’ll come across two great options for Split cheap eats.

Fife is a Croatian restaurant that has very favourable prices compared to the Split restaurants in the Old Town!

Just around the corner from Fife is Toto’s Burger Bar and they’re probably the best burgers in Split! Honest, good burgers, a great serving of fries when you buy the meal deal and it’s fast food with takeaway and eat in options.

I don’t love recommending fast food, but this isn’t a chain, it’s a local burger shack in Split and it’s definitely up there as one of the cheap places to eat in Split! Plus you can take it away and enjoy your meal on the water's edge if you prefer.

Although it can’t technically be called one of the best cheap restaurants in Split, because it’s not really a restaurant, but Brooklyn Bagel Co is a great option for a cheap breakfast or best lunch Split has to offer on a budget. 


The best Split restaurants with a view

My favourite option for best restaurants in Split with a view is definitely the Pizzeria Skipper and the neighbouring Restaurant Adriatic on the edge of the marina with views of the sea, the sunset and the islands.

But if you’re keen to find another option for Split restaurants with a view, then checking out Tortuga on Bacvice Beach is a great option. Situated on Split’s only sand beach, you’ll have beach views and sunset views if you’re here in the evening.


The best gelato in Split

Without a doubt Sladoledarnica Emiliana. The perpetual queue here speaks for itself!

Seriously don’t bother with the ice cream stands on the Riva or any of the places with ice cream piled high. I was once told that authentic gelato stores should cover the ice cream completely by keeping it in chilled tubs below the counter, or at least don’t have it piled up in huge mounds. If it’s piled high, it means the water content is much higher than normal gelato and that’s the only way it’s staying upright!

So Sladoledarnica Emiliana is not only a great option but it’s also a really good price too!


The Best restaurants in Hvar

Two large hot pizzas with lots of cheese and multiple toppings

Pizza at Alviz

Although Hvar is an island off Split, I know many people visit the two on the same trip, so I wanted to quickly mention my favourite Hvar restaurants and where to eat in Hvar based on the time I’ve spent there. You can also read my detailed guide to Hvar, where to eat and what to do there.

  • Best pizza in Hvar - Alviz

  • Best Hvar Croatian restaurant - Fig Hvar

  • Best ice cream - Aroma Gelato Boutique

  • Best seafood in Hvar - Lungo Mare

  • Best sunset views and beach bar in Hvar - Falko Beach Bar


Best places for drinks in Split

Best wine bar Split

Three glasses with tasting portions of red wine on a dark wooden table

Zinfandel wine bar

The best wine bar in Split, Croatia is a tough one because Croatia does wine SO WELL.

If you’re looking for a classic and sophisticated wine bar, check out Bokeria Kitchen and Wine Bar. The huge wines are opened up in summer and the vaulted ceilings give this real unique and high end vibe.

If you’d like a wine tasting experience in the Old Town and perhaps don’t have the time to go to a winery on a tour, the Zinfandel bar not only has a great selection but it’s also a fantastic affordable option for a wine tasting experience in Split. You’ll get 3 local wines, all with a serving of meat, cheese and snack pairing and your server can tell you about the history of wine in the region and about Dalmatia as the origin of Zinfandel wine.

There is also an olive oil bar to try local olive oils. 

If you’d prefer to visit a local winery near Split, check out my Split tour recommendations and Croatia travel guide for my favourite winery near Split and the food tour that I highly recommend.


Best rooftop bar in Split

Woman in a blue shirt and denim jeans, holding a beer and leaning on a low wall on a rooftop with views of old houses and terracotta roofs around her

This is a real hidden gem as there aren’t that many rooftop bars in Split Old Town. Kavana Central Restaurant is a popular location in Narodni Trg Square in the heart of the Old Town, but they also have a small roof terrace which opens on good weather days.

The views of the Old Town and terracotta rooftops are some of my favourite in the city. You can also eat here too, although I’ve only been for drinks which are reasonably priced considering the location!


Best bar with live music in Split

Marvlvs Library Jazz Bar is the place for you. The atmosphere here is amazing pretty much every night of the week and their menu has a great range of wine and cocktails to enjoy while you listen to the music.


Best cocktail bar in Split

The Daltonist is a classic that’s popular with local expats and longer term travellers but often gets missed as it’s technically just outside the Old Town walls in Split.

Here you’ll find a large craft cocktail menu, craft beers and a great breakfast, dinner and bar menu.

The gorgeous interior looks like it’s still the same as it would have been 500 years ago, with stone vaulted ceilings, cosy corners and a chilled vibe, it’s a great spot for after-dinner drinks or a casual spot with friends.


Best craft beer and taprooms in Split

Sadly, Split is a bit limited on breweries (Zagreb is the place to go for that!). But we love Tap B brewery which is a bit further up into the residential area of Split, between the Old Town and the Split Mall. Their prices are great and they have a sour on tap that I LOVE!

They do allow smoking inside which is always a struggle for me but they have plenty of outdoor seating available.

In the city you can find craft beer on tap at The Daltonist which is my favourite spot for drinks in Split Old Town and also Screws and Brews is worth checking out for a chilled taproom vibe.


Best beach bar in Split, Croatia

I might be slightly biased because this is one of the beaches closest to where I live, but Joe’s Beach Bar is personally my favourite in Split. A huge part of that is that the beach it’s on - Kasjuni Beach, is also my favourite in Spit - it’s more secluded and surrounded by nature, the beach is nicer, the views are better and the bar is gorgeous. 

You can rent a sunbed or a cabana or just take your drinks out to enjoy on your spot of sand. There’s also seating in the bar area if you’d like to order food.

Znjan beach is another popular beach with loads of beach clubs like Taboo Beach Club, Monkey Lounge or Rosa Negra. But the beach is right off the road, surrounded by buildings which I don’t love as much, but it’s near lots of hotels so the prices are often higher in this area too.


Best coffee shop in Split

Okay this is another one that’s too hard to answer because coffee is an institution in Croatia.

So rather than telling you where the best coffee is (because there’s lots of it!) I’ll tell you about my favourite coffee shop which has great coffee, a super cute location tucked away in the old town, great prices and cheap service. 

It’s called D16 coffee and it’s a popular working spot for digital nomads, however its welcoming location and laid back style also make it a popular coffee spot for locals and visitors too.

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My personal top 10 restaurants in Split, Croatia (and why!)

  • Villa Spiza - local, fresh and authentic. Great variety of local dishes, all seasonal with a cosy and welcoming family vibe. Cash only.

  • Pizzeria Skipper - I love pizza and I love it even more when it’s this cheap with this view.

  • Brasserie 7 - The only place I really enjoy on the Riva and it has the best brunch in town.

  • Storija - the only restaurant inside the old city walls - such a cool experience!

  • To Je Tako - spectacular Mexican food. Even my American boyfriend says it’s good.

  • Konoba Kod Joze - the most authentic restaurant in the Old Town. Described to me by the owner as “the place that the drivers of the tour buses go”

  • Zinfandel Wine Bar - best bar for local wine tasting experience in the city with food accompaniments

  • Toto’s Burger Bar - best burgers for on the go food that’s not a McDonalds!

  • Bakra - a chilled gastro-pub vibe with a beautiful outdoor terrace area for casual dining with Croatia meat dishes and pizza options.

  • Silk - my favourite cuisine is Japanese and I can’t not add this to the list!


Summary: where to eat in Split, Croatia

As you can tell, there are countless options for places to eat in Split, hopefully this food guide for Split will help you make a decision about where to eat in Split, Croatia, whether you’re looking for the best dinner in Split, the best romantic restaurant in Split, or Split street food for on the go. 

Split truly is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines and there’s no single best restaurant in Split Croatia, but there’s definitely a wide variety to suit lots of different tastes and good food Split has to offer for all.

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