The best places to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo

Japan was the first long haul trip to Asia that I ever did solo and visiting Japan during cherry blossom season blew my socks off!!

Known in Japan as Sakura season or Hanami season, Japan is globally famous for the vibrant and stunning pink cherry blossom trees that adorn the country during spring season.

Most people visiting Japan will arrive in Tokyo and while there are thousands of stunning places to see sakura spots all over the country, you will undoubtedly want to get started in the city you’re arriving in.

I first visited Japan in Spring 2017, I met my partner there and in 2023 we also got engaged there. So Japan has a special place in my heart and its beauty is one of the reasons I keep going back.

So if you’re looking for the best places to see cherry blossom in Tokyo, read on for my guide to 20+ sakura spots in Tokyo, including specific locations on Google Maps, the nearest station and the price.

pink cherry blossoms on a tree with blue sky behind

Sakura spotting in Tokyo

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When is cherry blossom season in Tokyo?

Spring time is the best time of year to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo. However cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo varies every year. 

Japan is a large country and global climate changes mean there is no exact or recurring date that the blossoms appear each year. For example, an unseasonably mild winter will mean blossoms occur earlier, while a long, cold winter will mean later than usual blooms.

Because Japan is so big and covers many longitudes, spring also occurs at different times throughout the country. So spring will arrive earliest in the south where it’s warmer and closer to the equator. However northern Japan on the island of Hokkaido will see a much later sakura season than Tokyo, Kyoto or anywhere else further south in Japan.

This is why it’s important to check the official Japan Sakura forecast which is published each year by the Japan Meteorological Corporation and shares bloom dates for over 1000 locations in Japan which will flower between mid March and late April.


The Japan Sakura Forecast for 2024

The cherry blossom forecast for Tokyo in 2024 is expected to arrive 1 day earlier than usual with first bloom on 23rd March and peak bloom on 30th March.

This could change as the JMC usually publishes an initial forecast (this one) and an updated forecast closer to the time.


The best Tokyo cherry blossom spots

1. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Nearest station: Shinjuku-gyoemmae Station or Sendagaya

Price: 500 yen

a lake surrounded by lush greenery and cherry blossom trees

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

I remember this being the first place I visited to see the Tokyo cherry blossoms in 2017 and I was WOWED.

Japan does a spectacular job of creating, nurturing and protecting green space in the city and this is no exception. This is one of the most popular parks in the city for seeing the hanami in Tokyo and one of the most beautiful places in Tokyo.

Escape the crowds of Shinjuku and visit this 144 acre park with a dedicated cherry blossom viewing area, lake and greenhouse.


2. Yoyogi Park

Nearest station: Yoyogi-Hachiman Station or Yoyogi-kōen Station

Price: free

a tree covered in pink cherry blossom

blossom trees in the park

Yoyogi Park is a popular spot for both Tokyo sakura spotting and autumn foliage spotting. There are a large number of large, mature cherry blossom trees and the setting around the lake and fountains are beautiful.

Another stunning escape from the hustle and bustle of nearby Shibuya, you can also visit nearby Meiji Jingu shrine.


3. Imperial Palace

Nearest station: Tokyo Station or Otemachi Station

Price: free

a stone bridge with the roof of the imperial palace in the distance obscured by some green trees

Imperial Palace gardens

Although you can’t actually go inside the Imperial Palace as it’s the primary residence of the Japanese emperor, you can visit the surrounding gardens for free and this place is HUGE.

With stunning  traditional Japanese landscape gardens, sakura trees, Edo castle remains, a moat for boating and 285 acres of green space, it’s no surprise that this is a popular spot.

I highly recommend checking out the Japanese gardens for beautiful views and sakura blooms.


4. Kita-no-maru Park / Chidorigafuchi Park boating

Nearest station: Tokyo Station or Otemachi Station

Price: free for the park, boating costs 500 yen for 30 minutes

a lake surrounded by blossom trees with boats on the lake, sky is pink at dusk

Kitanomaru Park and boating - Photo by Yu Kato on Unsplash

Leading on from the last location, Kitanomaru Park is part of the Imperial Palace complex and sits to the north of the Palace, also surrounded by the same moat.

The famous traditional Edo period palace gates are here where you can find an avenue of sakura trees.

However the famous sakura spot here is one of the best spots for cherry blossoms Tokyo has to offer - the Chidorigafuchi Boat Pier.

The moat is lined with vibrant pink cherry blossom trees and the sakura blows off the trees and coats the water in a pink blanket during full bloom. You can take a boat ride for just 500 yen for 30 minutes - a great place for photos! Although the line can get really long, I suggest arriving early!

At night the trees are just as beautiful, lit up by lighting and sometimes lanterns.


5. Meguro River

Nearest station: Meguro Station

Price: free

a canal lined with cherry blossom trees in Tokyo Japan

Meguro River - photo by Jenna Neal on Unsplash

The Meguro River is one of the best places to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo.

Search on Google Maps for “Meguro River Cherry Blossoms Promenade” to find the exact location along the river for viewing the famous “sakura river” in Tokyo. 

This is a scenic waterway lined with cherry blossoms although it gets VERY busy during the peak hanami bloom, so read on for more sakura river spots elsewhere in the city!


6. Showa Kinen Koen National Park

Nearest station: Nishi-Tachikawa Station

Price: 450 yen

This one is a bit outside of Tokyo but I had to include it because it not only has cherry blossoms blooming, but also tulips fields and rows!

It’s a 1 hour, 20 minute ride on the Chuo Line from Tokyo Station and the park itself is actually a national park, famous for scenic nature trails and bike paths. 


7. Ueno Park

Nearest station: Ueno station or Keisei Ueno Station

Price: free

Helena standing in front of white blossom trees

Japan cherry blossom trees (and young me in 2017!)

If you’ve ever seen the pictures of cherry blossom trees with lanterns in Tokyo, this is where they are.

There are over 1000 sakura trees in Ueno Park and each year they are adored with red and white lanterns that light up in the evening. Go at dusk for the best light from the lanterns but still capture the pink of the sakura.

Also Ueno is home to museums and the famous Ueno zoo, so you can really make a day of it here!


8. Sumida Park with a view of Skytree

Nearest station: Asakusa Station

Price: free

metal tower of tokyo skytree partially obscured by pink cherry blossom

Tokyo Skytree - photo by Atul Vinayak on Unsplash

If you’re looking for those famous shots of the Tokyo Skytree with the cherry blossom, this is it.

Located on the banks of the Sumida River, this public park is filled with cherry blossom trees and the trees are hung with pink lanterns too.

This is a popular spot for  Hanami parties or a hanami picnic and you’re near lots of sights like the Skytree, Asakusa and Sensō-ji Temple.


9. Omokage Bridge on Kanda River

Nearest station: Omokagebashi Station or Waseda

Price: free

If you’re looking for hidden sakura spots or less popular places to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo, the Kanda River is a great alternative to the Meguro River spot I mentioned earlier.

From the Omokage Bridge you can look down the river lined with cherry blossom trees, they are often decorated with lanterns too.


10. Roppongi - Keyakizaka street and Sakurazaka street

Nearest station: Roppongi

Price: free

Located in the heart of Tokyo, Roppongi is a great area of photogenic streets no matter the season! In winter these tree-lined avenues are wrapped in Christmas lights and in the spring they’re flourishing with hanami - undoubtedly one of the best hanami spots in Tokyo if you prefer street photography.

The two locations to find on Google Maps are:

  • Roppongi Keyakizaka Dori

  • Roppongi Sakura-zaka


11. Shiuya’s Sakuragaoka Street (labelled Sakura Street on Google Maps)

Nearest station: Shibuya

Price: free

pink cherry blossom

Sakura blooms

This is another famous Instagram cherry blossom location in Tokyo, a narrow s-shaped road lined with sakura trees and lanterns. You can find the location on Google Maps by searching “Sakura Street (Shibuya)”

Last year there was also a wall of pink hanging lanterns that lit up at night.


12. Fussa Sakura Festival at Tama River

Nearest station: Kumagawa station 

Price: festival is free but bring money for food

people picnicking on the grass below cherry blossom trees in Tokyo

Picnic under the sakura

The annual Tokyo Sakura Festival has been taking place in Fussa along the banks of the Tama River for 40 years. Each year it’s held in early April (dates confirmed depending on peak sakura blooms nearer the time) in the Myojinshita Park area of the river bank.

The river banks are lined with Sakura trees for over 2km and on the weekend there’s entertainment, music and food vendors. Don’t miss this historic cherry blossom festival if you’re in Tokyo - check the dates here.


13. Hibiya Park

Nearest station: Hibiya Station

Price: free

a park with a large pond surrounded by trees and city buildings in the distance

Hibiya Park (we were too late for blossoms!)

Hibiya Park is a beautiful city park in Central Tokyo, close to the Imperial Palace and it’s popular for both cherry blossom spots in Tokyo and autumn foliage.

There’s a beautiful lake with a raised walkway along one side which is a great spot for photos.


14. Inokashira Park

Nearest station: Kichijōji Station

Price: free, 800 yen for 30 minutes per boat

This is another great option for where to see blossom in Tokyo to escape the crowds, located in western Tokyo!

If you like the idea of boating at Kitanomaru Chidorigafuchi Boat Pier but don’t want to wait in the queue, this cherry blossom park in Tokyo is a bit further out but also offers boating on the large pond surrounded by sakura.

This is the same park where the Ghibli Museum is located so you can visit both if you’re a Ghibli fan.


15. Yasukuni Shrine

Nearest station: Otemachi Station

Price: free

This shrine is located north of Kitanomaru Park and is dedicated to those who have served Japan in wars or military service. There is also a short sakura tree avenue up to the entrance here.

This is one of the only shrines in Tokyo with cherry blossoms that I’ve been able to find.


16. Weeping cherry tree at Sensoji Temple

Nearest station: Asakusa station

Price: free

a busy street lined with red and white decorations and a large red temple in the distance

Sensoji Temple

While this isn’t an avenue or extensive area of trees, there is one weeping cherry tree at the famous Sensoji Temple in Asakusa and at the right angle it’s a great photo opportunity for capturing the vibrant red pagoda, the temple and the pink sakura blossoms.


17. Edo Sakura-dori

Nearest station: Nihonbashi station

Price: free

a line of cherry blossom trees in Tokyo Japan

Cherry blossom in Tokyo

This is the famous sakura street in Nihonbashi, again another popular photo spot for sakura street photography, especially with the contrast of an urban street with the delicate pale pink of the blossoms. And it’s just a 10 minute walk from Tokyo station.

A bonus sakura street is Ginza Sakura-dori which I’ve not been to but apparently is a hidden sakura spot with 50 sakura trees lining the street. 


18. Zojoji Temple

Nearest station: Onarimon Station or Shibakoen Station

Price: free

a wooden japanese temple with Tokyo Tower orange behind it

Zojoji Temple, Tokyo - the weeping tree is on the left here but not in bloom

I love the Zojoji Temple, this is a super underrated spot for an amazing view of Tokyo Tower and the contrast with the orange tower and the traditional shrine is beautiful.

The good news is that there are also a few weeping cherry trees inside the entrance which make a great sakura viewing spot and photo opp with the temple and the Tokyo Tower behind.


19. Oyoko River

Nearest station: Kikukawa Station

Price: free

Another lesser known sakura river in Tokyo, while this one isn’t quite as dramatic as the trees are set further back from the water, there is a great view of the Tokyo Skytree and it’s much quieter than other popular spots like the Meguro River.

Head to the Sarue Bridge for the best view.


20. Yanaka Cemetery

Nearest station: Nippori Station 

Price: free

While Aoyama Cemetery is usually the “popular” cemetery during sakura season in Tokyo, there is another cemetery beautifully planned with cherry blossom trees and it’s less popular.

Yanaka Cemetery is in Taito City and is famous as the cemetery for artists, actors and other creatives. There is an avenue lined with cherry blossoms and sometimes lanterns too.


Summary: the best places to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo, Japan

I hope this Tokyo cherry blossom guide has given you plenty of options and ideas for the best places to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo.

Although late March is usually the best bet, make sure to keep an eye on the sakura forecast before your trip and don’t forget that the most popular places will be busy, so check out some of the lesser visited areas too!

Pin for later to plan your trip!

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