3 day Oregon Coast road trip itinerary

So you’re planning an Oregon Coast road trip and need to decide on the best route? I packed this route into an Oregon Coast 3 day itinerary although you could definitely make it 5 days if you have more time! Use this Oregon itinerary to plan what to see on the Oregon Coast.

Updated February 2023

The USA is home to some of the best road trips in the world, but the state of Oregon has a special place in my heart. I actually never intended to visit Oregon, it wasn’t really on my radar but I met my partner in Japan in 2017 and he lives in Portland so I’ve visited the state three times in the last year and done a road trip to different parts of the Coast each time.

The Oregon Coast is beautifully wild and rugged with distinct and breathtaking landmarks and views all the way along it. Home to the famous 101 Highway or Pacific Highway, this is the perfect place to start a Highway 101 road trip itinerary.

There are so many beautiful ways to see and explore the Pacific Northwest, so this is my Oregon Coast road trip itinerary from north to south, I did this Oregon Coast trip in 3 days as an Oregon Coast road trip from Portland, but all these stops would make great inclusions on a longer PNW road trip if you’re in the area or coming down from Washington.

Plus I’ll share with you my absolute favourite place I’ve been in Oregon and the place you cannot miss if you’re in the Southern Oregon Coast area. This Oregon Coast drive itinerary takes you from Astoria, OR to the California Redwoods.

You might also be interested in my guide to 5 of the best one day trips from Portland, Oregon.

A moody scene looking along a misty coast with lots of jagged rocks and cliffs, a natural arch has formed and the ocean is a dark turquoise, Oregon Coast view Samuel H Boardman

Samuel H Boardman, Oregon

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How long does it take to drive the Oregon Coast?

If you were to drive from Astoria to Brookings, OR then the total Oregon Coast distance would take just 7.5 hours and covers 338 miles.

This is a great, doable length and can easily be turned into a 3 day Oregon Coast road trip with a couple of stops.

Portland to Oregon Coast is approximately 1.5 hours if you’re coming from the city.


What’s the best time of year to visit the Oregon Coast

Summer is definitely the most popular, although it’s also the busiest. I’ve done sections of this drive along the Oregon Coast in November and also March and while the weather was unpredictable, the moody views all added to the atmosphere and stunning scenery.

If you’re planning what to see along Oregon Coast in winter, make sure you check opening times for some of the state parks and attractions (details below) as these can vary based on the weather.


Useful information for an Oregon Coast road trip

  • Oregon State Parks website - use this to check rates, fees, permit requirements, hiking and camping information and any travel, weather or safety warnings.

  • Oregon Coast website - check this out for detailed information about every city, attraction and stories for driving the Oregon Coast.

  • Travel Oregon website - use this to check for local events, resources and maps

  • Tidetables - use this to stay safe and know your tide timings if you’re spending time close to the water or on the beaches.

  • Water Safety - for beach and coastal water tips including rip currents, tsunamis, sneaker waves, logs and cliff safety.

  • Is Portland Safe? - stay safe, be informed and plan your trip to Oregon’s biggest city.


Where to stay on your Oregon Coast 3 day itinerary

Depending on how much time you have for your trip and how fast or slow you like to travel, there are a few options for places to stay along the Oregon Coast.

Cannon Beach - a great option in the north, if you stop in Cannon Beach, check out this stunning beachfront property or this cozy lodge just minutes from the centre of Cannon Beach.

Lincoln City - The place to stay if you're looking for a vacation on the beach, there's so many to choose from! Check out this hotel in Lincoln City with a balcony and fire pit overlooking the beach to enjoy sunset. Or this cute motel, northwestern rustic wood interior with a hot tub on the deck! Or this cute motel which is great value for money and right by the beach.

Coos Bay - There are loads of cute cabins and rentals here, like this cabin on the riverfront or this one..

If you're on a budget, this hotel in nearby North Bend is a great choice too.

Brookings - the most southerly coastal town on the Oregon Coast, this is a great stop if you're stopping before turning around or before continuing into California and it's also a budget friendly stop! Check out this gorgeous light and airy home with ocean views. Or this budget friendly B&Bin Smith River.

Or check out this amazing cabin with a hot tub for a romantic getaway.


Starting From the North on your 3 day Oregon Coast road trip

This guide will highlight the best Oregon Coast stops for when you’re short on time and want to maximise your Oregon Coast itinerary.

Astoria, Oregon

In my opinion, one of the more underrated stops along Oregon Coast highway!

Starting your Oregon Coast drive at the most northerly point in Oregon and perhaps not quite on the coast so much as in the mouth of the Colombia River Gorge.

Astoria is a beautiful coastal town and is a great starting point if you’re crossing over the River from Washington. Even the 101 Highway across the Meglar Bridge is a must-do drive, and a must-see for photographers. I visited Astoria on a very atmospheric January day where the mist was low and obscured the houses on the hill. The huge hillside with residential homes are so pretty to explore and feel like you’re driving in San Francisco!

The Astoria Column

A stone colum with detailed artwork on the outside of it, on a grassy hill with blue sky behind,Astoria Column, Oregon

Astoria Column, Oregon

Head to the top of the hill to the Astoria Column for beautiful views of the city, river and coast. You can go up the 126ft column which is decorated with murals of Oregon’s history. You will need to pay to get into the carpark but not the column itself.

Buoy Beer Company

Whether you drink or not, this riverside brewery has some great food as well as craft beers. And the bonus is the glass floors where you can see (and hear) the sea lions resting on the pier beneath you!

Of course good refreshment is essential for driving Oregon Coast and Oregon itself is famous for its craft brewery scene!

Or check out some of the great Astoria restaurant options to refuel before your next stop!


Ecola State Park

One of the best stops on Oregon Coast and one of the most famous too, so you can bet this is one of the best places to visit on Oregon Coast road trips!

Ecola State Park is the first place I ever visited on the Oregon Coast on a day trip from Portland, Oregon. The road down to the coastal viewpoint is amazing, through the lush green woods and with hazy mist hanging in places. There is a $5 entry fee to drive into Ecola State Park area, but with incredible views down the coast and 7 miles of hiking trails it’s well worth it! Here are my favourite views from the view point.

A panoramic view of the coast with low mist over the rocks jutting from the sea atEcola State Park viewpoint

Ecola State Park viewpoint

A dark rock jutting out of the ocean just off the coast at Ecola State Park viewpoint

Ecola State Park viewpoint

Cannon Beach

Home to the famous Haystack Rock, Cannon beach town and beach are not too much further south from Ecola State Park so you could definitely do both in one trip. If you’re looking for the best beaches in Oregon, Cannon Beach is picturesque come rain or shine and is especially popular with families and dog walkers. Make sure to snap some photos of the unique and recognisable rock formations. Cannon Beach town itself is so cute, with independent boutiques, holiday homes and local shops and galleries to explore.

Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach - a large dark rock on the beach at low tide, the ocean is in th distance and the sand is shiny with the sun reflection

Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach


Hug Point State Recreation Area

A beach with a small waterfall and cave in the cliffs

Hug Point State Recreation Area beach

Another one not much further down the coast from Cannon Beach. This is actually a popular spot for beach weddings in the summer with a sheltered sandy cove, small caves to explore, waterfalls running straight onto the beach and a rocky path you can follow for higher views above the beach. The car park for it is right above the beach so you don’t need to hike or go too far to get to the beach. Hug Point car park is free and the location is marked on Google Maps.


Drive the 101 Oregon Coast highway road trip route

Looking across the ocean at sunset on Highway 101 Oregon

Sunset on Highway 101

I know I said I wouldn’t recommend a specific route but even if you just drive a section of the 101 for a short time, there are so many breathtaking views along the Oregon Coast highway and plenty of stopping points for you to get out the car and soak it in. The coast is so dramatic that it looks incredible in the stormiest weather or the clearest day as the Oregon coast weather can be unpredictable at the best of times!


Newport, Oregon

From Cannon Beach to Newport OR, it’s around 2.5 hours drive but the scenic stops on the way are incredible - so make sure you allow time for that!

Famous for the Oregon Coast Aquarium, marina and bridge, Newport marks the centre of the Oregon coastline and makes a great stop half way on your Oregon road trip, with plenty of options for activities and accommodation if you’re looking to stay somewhere overnight.

Thor’s Well

Girl sitting on a rock as a huge wave splashes up and a tree covered hill is in the distance, Thors’s Well, Oregon Coast

Thors’s Well, Oregon Coast

Time your visit here right at high tide and this natural rock well transforms into a photographer’s dream! With the high waves pouring over rocks and creating the impression that water is streaming into the ground. Use a slower shutter speed to make the water smoother. Sadly I was there when the tide wasn’t quite high enough but the huge waves crashing and the rock pools were a lot of fun. Exploring the Oregon Coast you’ll find so many dramatic rocky formations, we were constantly stopping to take photos!


Oregon Sand Dunes

Did you know Oregon has sand dunes? Nope, me either! But the Oregon dunes stretch all the way from Florence to Winchester Bay.

There are several access points to the Dunes. The Sand Dunes Day Use Area is probably the easiest as it has parking and you can walk down to some of the bigger dunes. Parking at the Sand Dunes Day Area costs $5 or it’s free if you display your Northwest Forest Pass.

There are also areas for overnight camping and dune activities such as ATVing (one of the most fun things to do on the Oregon Coast) and sandboarding all the way along the 101 from Dunes City to the southern end of the dunes. If you’re looking to hike then the John Dellenback Dunes Trailhead is a great hike that’s good for all the family, just make sure you bring water as walking up hills AND is sand is exhausting!

Definitely one of the best places to visit on the Oregon Coast.


Coos Bay

We arrived into Coos Bay at dusk and it was so pretty with all coastal fishing houses and the industrial vibes of a working coastal city. Coos Bay is the biggest city on the Oregon Coast and has a great selection of accommodation and activities. We stopped here at 7 Devil’s Brewing Company for dinner and it was wonderful with friendly staff, live music and awesome poutine. Coos Bay is also where the Oregon Coast Music festival is held every year for two weeks in July.


Gold Beach

There isn’t an awful lot to see or do in the town of Gold Beach itself, however I’m recommending it as a great place to stay overnight if you’re either planning to visit Samuel H Boardman State Scenic Corridor at sunrise (it’s only a 20-minute drive further south from Gold Beach) or if you’re planning to continue your drive over the state border into California.

There is a lot of accommodation options and we found Gold Beach hotels all to be extremely reasonably priced. We stayed in Pacific Reef Hotel for $60 a night with a large double room, ensuite and kitchen area.


Samuel H Boardman Scenic State Corridor

My favourite place in Oregon and possibly one of the best sights on the Oregon Coast. I’d see pictures of this beautiful stretch of the coastline for so long and always wanted to see it for myself. You might be familiar with the famous picture of the sunlight rising through the natural stone archway. The natural arches and rock formations make this a beautiful part of the coast and there are so many vantage points to enjoy it from - don’t miss this when you plan things to do along the Oregon Coast.

Natural Bridges Viewpoint is the most famous one and there is a path and wooden platform which has a lovely view. Oregon Coast weather in January is unpredictable at best and the day we visited it was incredibly stormy, conditions were extremely poor and I certainly would not advise going out on the rocky cliffs in high winds and rain to see the archways as it becomes very slippy.

If you are looking to find the famous view point at Samuel H Boardman Scenic State Corridor my guide will help you do that.

Secret Beach and Thunder Cove viewpoint were also amazing and from Thunder Cove there is a fairly easy 1.5 mile round hike that takes you through the woods, to the viewpoint on the cliffs and back around to the car park.

The car parks have room for about 6-8 cars so arrive early if travelling during the busy season. You do not need to pay. Here are some of my favourite photos from the day - one of the most stunning things to see along the Oregon Coast.

Girl in a yellow jacket looking across a stormy coastal view with turquoise rough ocean waves and dark cliffs covered in mist and green trees,Samuel H Boardman Scenic State Corridor, Oregon Coast

Samuel H Boardman Scenic State Corridor, Oregon Coast


Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park

Okay so technically Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park is in California. But If you make it to Samuel H Boardman and Brookings, you’re maybe continuing your Southern Oregon Coast road trip itinerary or you may do what we did and realise you’re so close to the California state border that it’s worth a quick trip over!

Just a thought for further Oregon Coast road trip ideas!

Either way, Jedediah Smith is the most northern of all the Redwood State Park areas and the Visitor’s Centre staff were extremely helpful in showing us a route (not found on Google maps) on an unpaved road through the biggest redwoods in this area before we had to drive back north.

To find the driving route through the redwoods, start by heading to Howland Hill Road (marked on Google maps) follow signs for the Stout Grove Trailhead, it is left out of the Jedediah Smith Visitor Centre. Just stay on Howland Hill Road, it eventually turns into an unpaved track so I would only recommend for 4x4 or large vehicles. There’s plenty of places to stop and admire these huge trees, plus we only saw 2 other cars on this 10-mile track, it really is an amazing experience, especially if you want to see the redwoods coming from Oregon, or if you’ve never seen Redwoods before!

The track brings you out at Crescent City where we stopped at SeaQuake brewing for some awesome food and craft beers (the sour was my favourite).

Summary: The best Oregon Coast road trip itinerary

Hopefully this Oregon Coast travel itinerary has given you some ideas and inspiration for the best stops Oregon Coast has to offer and the best Oregon Coast drive attractions.

A Portland and Oregon Coast itinerary is a great way to discover more of the Pacific Northwest if you’re short on time.

And there you have it - my Oregon Coast roadtrip itinerary must-sees! (with a little of California too) Have you driven the Oregon Coast before? Where is your favourite place in the state? Let me know in the comments if you use this Oregon Coast trip planner!

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