A guide to the best things to do in Primosten, Croatia: a hidden gem near Split

The first time I saw pictures of Primosten on Instagram, I honestly couldn’t believe this place was real. So imagine my excitement when I realised this unique, almost-island town was just 1 hour away from Split!

If you’re spending time in Split or Trogir, I highly recommend a day trip from Split to Primošten, there are plenty of things to do in Primosten including beautiful beaches, a charming old town, history and culture and restaurants too.

In fact, I think Primošten is the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of Split and enjoy a relaxing, luxurious escape on your trip to Croatia.

Below you’ll find a Primosten travel guide with things to do in Primosten, where to stay in Primosten and places to eat in Primosten for your trip.

View of Primosten from above

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Where is Primošten, Croatia?

Located in Šibenik-Knin County, the next county north along the coast from Split-Dalmatia County, Primosten is a small village peninsula nestled on the coast of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia.

It’s around 1 hour from Split, 30 minutes from Sibenik and 40 minutes from Trogir and Split Airport and can be reached on the D8 coastal road.


What makes Primosten so special?

Primosten island on the Adriatic Coast

Like many places in Croatia, Primosten has a historic old town, what makes it unique is that Primosten was originally an island. The old town you see today is still perched picturesquely on an island that is now connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway.

The original village was situated on the island until the Turkish invasions in the 1500s when a drawbridge was created with the mainland to protect the village. After the invasion, a permanent causeway was built and Primosten was named after the Croatia word primostiti which means “to bridge”.

The island itself is spectacular to see from the road above as you approach Primosten. The teardrop shape looks barely connected to the mainland and the island itself peaks to a hill at the top where you’ll see the Church of St George.

Primosten is actually made up of two peninsulas, one is the original island and the other is right next to it - Raduca. This is where the town’s most popular hotel is located - Hotel Zora.

The causeway built to connect the island to the mainland


How to visit Primosten, Croatia

The easiest way to get to Primošten is by car. We drove there with our car from Split or you could use a hire car on your trip. The route is a lovely coastal road from whichever direction you come so you don’t need to worry about driving on motorways.

Parking in Primošten is cheap although it can be a bit tricky to find space close to the centre during peak summer. We visited in early October and were able to park for very cheap along Plaza Luka where you can find parking for around 1 euro per hour. If you’re struggling with where to park in Primosten and there’s no space near Plaza Luka, we also found a large parking area if you continue down the road along Plaza Luca, next to the Yacht Club.

If you would prefer not to drive, I have found a day trip from Split to Krka Waterfalls which includes a stop in Primosten on the way back and gives you the free time to explore the town before heading back to Split.

Book here.

There is also a train service that runs between Sibenik and Split with a stop at Primosten. The ride takes 30 minutes from Sibenik or 1 hour from Split.


What to do in Primosten, Croatia

The beautiful clear turquoise waters of Primosten

Even if you only spend a day in Primosten sightseeing and you’re deciding what to do in Primosten, these activities should give you plenty of ideas and also enjoy you to just kick back and enjoy the slower, more traditional pace of life here!


Walk around the island

The thing I love about Primosten is that there are so many things to do in Primosten that are free, relaxing and encourage a slower pace! Take a stroll along the path around the outside of the island for epic views, an easy walk, stunning clear blue sea and peace and quiet!

Old Town Gate entrance

You can start in front of the Old Town Gate and walk either left or right along the stone promenade.


Visit St George’s Church

St George’s Church, Primosten

At the top of Primosten island you’ll probably spot a church. The church and graveyard have to have one of the best views of any graveyard and religious site in the world!

Take a walk up to the church through the meandering streets and wander around the graveyard, admire the architecture of the Church of St George and you can go inside for free if it’s open.


Indulge in the traditional Mediterranean Culture

Quiet streets in the Old Town

Part of the charm of Primosten is its slower pace of life. Although it does get a bit busier in the summer months, it is still a bit of a hidden gem in Croatia and you’ll see many locals practicing traditional Croatian practices of food and wine production, rustic Mediterranean food, traditional folk festivals and more.

You’ll find many restaurants in the village source their produce locally. Olive Oil in the region is famed, as well as the Babic red wine.


Enjoy fresh seafood in a seafront restaurant 

Restaurant Maestral

For seafront dining in Dubrovnik or Split, you’d pay a premium. In Primosten, it’s a way of life and you’ll enjoy the experience for a much more reasonable price.

For where to eat in Primosten, check out these top seafront restaurants in Primosten:

  • Restaurant Maestral

  • Family Yo

  • Capocesto

  • Restoran Panorama

  • Konoba Galeb

  • Torkul 

  • Konoba Papec


Go wine tasting

As mentioned above, the area around Primosten is famous for the production of Babic wine, so why not go to the source?

Prgin Wine is a family owned boutique winery in the hills above Primosten. They are open between April and October if you would like to visit the vineyard, taste their products and purchase any wines. Please contact them directly before visiting as opening times vary. If you call in advance then wine and a plate of local cheeses and meats can be arranged.

Brne is another family run vineyard also in Primosten but a bit closer to the town, you can drop by or call ahead to visit during the summer months.


Relax at the beach

Beach in front of Hotel Zora

Of course there are plenty of beautiful beaches in Primosten to choose from and much less busy than other cities along the coast.

Mala Raduca because is closest to the town and is in a lovely protected bay that’s perfect for families.

The beach in front of Hotel Zora has parasols and sun loungers available for rent during the summer.

On the other side of Raduca, you’ll find the main town beach and Velika Raduca Beach which is a lovely sheltered beach that’s great for swimming and families. Here you can also rent pedalos or canoes in the summer.

Plaza Luka is on the opposite side of the Primosten island but is more open and popular with anchored boats.

The beautiful enclosed bay between Primosten and Raduca peninsulas


Water activities in Primosten

Adriatic Coast around Primosten

With such a fascinating coastline to explore and so many islands not far from the village itself, it’s no wonder that Primosten is popular for water activities.

Go sea kayaking around the Adriatic coast or rent a boat for the day. Head to the Water Sport Centre at the tip of Raduca for renting a boat, parasailing, jet skis and more.

If you’re a diver, Pongo Diving Center is one of the best diving experiences on the Adriatic, with over 300 islands, reefs, drop offs, swim throughs and caves to explore. They cater to every diving experience level and also include snorkelling and night dives.


Hike the Promenade trail

Hike is probably a bit of an exaggeration! This easy walking trail follows the coastal walking path from the promenade in town and north along the mainland coastline.

This is the perfect relaxed walking activity to take in the views of the Adriatic and see just how incredibly blue and clear the water is here!


Go to a Klapa event

Traditional streets in the old town

Klapa is a traditional form of singing in the Dalmatia region of Croatia and is described as multi-part acapella singing. 

This type of music has long been a part of cultural heritage, communication and identity and you’re more likely to experience an authentic klapa evening in a smaller town like Klapa in the taverns and konobas around the village.

To find these events, look on Facebook for upcoming events or ask at your accommodation if you’re staying in Primosten. Because the village is so small, these events are not widely promoted and you’re more likely to find an answer if you ask in a pub or restaurant or look out for adverts for Klapa performances while you’re exploring the town.


Where to stay in Primosten

Accommodation in Primosten is still plentiful despite its size, although a lot of the accommodation is private apartments.

The main hotel is Hotel Zora, on Raduca, opposite the main Primosten island.

If you want to stay on the Old Town island itself, Apartmani Đurđica is one of the best locations for places to stay in Primosten and it’s a modern, self-catered apartment with a balcony and terrace with uninterrupted sea views.

If you’re looking for a villa in Primosten with a pool and sea views, the incredible Golden Rays Villas are just 0.6 miles up the coast from Primosten with an infinity pool, stunning views, a private beach, self-catered amenities and bike hire available on site.

Looking for something a little different? What about luxury glamping tents Primošten - these luxury camping spots in Primosten are perfect for a unique stay just a short drive down the coast from Primosten. Each tent comes with a full equipped kitchen wifi, a terrace and shared bathroom area.


Summary: Primosten Croatia things to do 

I was absolutely blown away by this Croatia hidden gem, Primosten is such a stunning and underrated village on the Adriatic coast and there’s so many things to do in Primosten for its size, plus you get a more authentic experience of the laidback Croatian culture.

Even if you’re short on time, I really recommend a day trip to Primosten if you can, to experience the unique destination, less inflated prices and more untouched beauty on the coast of Croatia.

Pin for later to plan your trip!

A true Croatia hidden gem! Discover the best things to do in Primosten and experience a more authentic part of Croatia just 1 hour from Split | primosten croatia things to do | primosten things to do | primosten kroatien | primosten croatia villas |
A true Croatia hidden gem! Discover the best things to do in Primosten and experience a more authentic part of Croatia just 1 hour from Split | primosten croatia things to do | primosten things to do | primosten kroatien | primosten croatia villas |