Where to stay in Tirana and the best area to stay in Tirana, Albania for every budget!

When you’re planning your Tirana itinerary, you’re probably also trying to plan where to stay in Tirana, Albania and figuring out the best area to stay in Tirana for you and your trip.

Tirana is a vibrant city that’s growing quickly, Albania and Tirana in particular are eager to welcome in tourists and embrace European lifestyle after Albania was cut off from the rest of the world until the early 1990s due to the government’s Communist regime.

Now, you’ll find plenty of options for hotels in Tirana, Albania and plenty of options for tourists to stay and explore the best places in Tirana.

I spent two days in Tirana as part of a road trip through Albania on my Balkans itinerary

I’ve got plenty of resorts on the best things to do in Tirana and Albania which are linked above, so I won’t go into too much detail about trip planning, but I will focus on where to stay in Tirana to make the most of your trip.

colourful painted buildings in Tirana, Albania. Yellow, blue and orange with grey balconies and columns at each window

Tirana, Albania

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The best area to stay in Tirana: where are the best neighbourhoods in Tirana?

When you’re planning the best place to stay in Tirana, I recommend looking in or close to the Pazari i Ri neighbourhood and Blloku neighbourhoods.

Pazari i Ri is a young, cool, vibrant neighbourhood with loads of cool alternative things going on. There are cafes, restaurants, bars, pop-up exhibitions and interior decor and antique shops with loads of cool traditional Albanian clothing, shawls, blankets, souvenirs and decor.

The central square here has al fresco dining and loads of great eateries, bakeries and restaurants serving traditional Albanian, Turkish or Greek food. Oda Restaurant has great traditional Eastern European dishes and Markata e Peshkut has great seafood options.

I stayed at a hostel in this area and grabbed coffee on my way through each morning when we headed into the city to explore.

Staying near the Blloku neighbourhood is another option as it’s the cool and upscale area of the city where you’ll find high end fashion shops, loads of cafes, restaurants and nightlife. There’s a lot of large residential housing and luxury boutiques here (interestingly it was the home of Communist leader, Enver Hoxha, which seems very luxurious compared to the suffering he was inflicting on the rest of the country!)

The Sky Tower is located here too, home to a bar with incredible city views.

colourful neighbourhood with central square in Tirana, Albania

Pazari i Ri neighbourhood


Is Tirana expensive?

As you’ll see from the hotels and prices below, you can get a luxury hotel for a fraction of the cost you would in other capital cities in Europe.

Albania is very cheap to travel in, meaning you can get a hostel for just £5 a night, or you can get a high end luxury hotel for just £150 a night - making it the ideal destination to treat yourself!


Best hotels in Tirana City Centre

Budget accommodation in Tirana city centre

If you’re looking for a hotel that’s fairly budget friendly but you’re not a fan of hostels, then the Hotel Stela Center is a great option for you. It’s a 4-star hotel, with chic and modern rooms and breakfast included. It’s a great location in the Tirana city centre, being just 850m from Skanderbeg Square, so the perfect location for you to explore.


Boutique hotel in Tirana city centre

If you’re happy to spend a little more on a mid-range boutique hotel in Tirana then look no further than Xheko Imperial Luxury Boutique Hotel. This boutique hotel has gorgeous decadent interiors, marble bathrooms, 4-poster beds, air conditioning, French balconies and a pool.

The building is stunning and located in the stylish Blloku district so this is the perfect location if you’re planning some shopping and want to experience the nightlife and high end bars in the city.

Another alternative option for a slightly lower price but very highly reviewed is Lot Boutique Hotel.

colourful buildings of Tirana city seen from above

Sky tower view in Blloku Neighbourhood


Luxury hotel in Tirana city centre

girl walking in front of a colourful red building in Tirana

Even though I say luxury and the hotel is luxurious, the prices are still impressively low for such a beautiful hotel when you stay at Maritim Hotel Plaza Tirana

This hotel is super modern with sophisticated rooms which are HUGE! The Double Deluxe rooms even come with a freestanding bath tub and incredible city views. The hotel is just 200m from Skenderberg Square and 100m from the Clock Tower.

The hotel also offers a spa, sauna and hot tub with massage and spa treatments at an additional cost. There is also an airport shuttle available to make your airport-hotel transfer straightforward.

colourful cirular building in yellow and red in Tirana

Self-catering Tirana accommodation

If you’re someone who prefers your own space and perhaps a space to relax on a sofa and cook your own food in the kitchen then Tirana also has great options available for honestly amazing prices!

Rooftop Tirana is an aparthotel that offers apartments with a private bathroom, fridge and living space. Parking is available and some units have a balcony or patio too. The views of the city are amazing!

Another alternative for self-catered accommodation not far from the Blloku neighbourhood is the Sky Apartments


Pet friendly hotels in Tirana, Albania

If you’re looking for hotels that are pet friendly in Tirana, look no further than the Artistic Tirana Blloku Hotel

It’s really well reviewed and located close to the Blloku district in Tirana.

pallet seating on the floor with trees covering the seating area

Milingona Hostel outdoor area

Best Hostels in Tirana, Albania

If you’re backpacking in Albania or just wanting to keep your Albania trip budget friendly, then you’ll want to check out these Tirana hostels.

I stayed at Milingona Hostel City Centre where we paid £27 for a private room and ensuite. The dorm room beds were even cheaper than that.

The hostel was located in the cool Pazari i Ri neighbourhood that I mentioned above, so there were loads of coffee shops, cafes and bars in the area. The hostel itself had a great chilled vibe with a large outdoor area with loads of seating, bean bags, tree coverage and activities happening in the hostel. Breakfast was included and cooked fresh every morning. We were also able to park here for free.

Another great hostel city centre location is Hotel Vila e Arte City Center which is in a great location with breakfast also included in the price. With free wifi, AC, modern bathrooms and Skanderbeg Square just 5 minutes walk away.


Summary: Best places to stay in Tirana, Albania

Tirana is a vibrant city with a lot to do and a great hub to start a longer trip in Albania. But don’t miss this chance to explore the city itself and stay in some impressive hotel locations for a great price!

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