Tips for Christmas in Dusseldorf: the best Dusseldorf Christmas markets 2024

Spending Christmas in Dusseldorf was one of my highlights of last year, so if you’re planning to visit Dusseldorf Christmas Markets this year, read on to plan your trip!

Christmas markets in Germany are some of the most magical in Europe, being home to some of the oldest Christmas Markets and festive traditions. Experiencing Düsseldorf Christmas Market 2024 is a must-do if you’re visiting Germany.

We did a Christmas road trip from Croatia to the UK in December last year and our stop in North Rhine-Westphalia to visit friends in Dusseldorf was a great excuse to visit this beautiful German Christmas market - read on to find out what makes it so unique!

A brightly lit up Christmas tree and market stalls a night in Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf Christmas Market

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Everything you need to know about Dusseldorf Germany Christmas market 2023

A girl in white standing at the Christmas market

Dusseldorf Christmas market stalls and tree

What are the düsseldorf Christmas market dates 2023?

The Dusseldorf Christmas market 2023 dates are November 23rd to December 30th 2023.

Usually the Dusseldorf markets run from late November until the end of December, although the markets are closed on Christmas Day itself


Christmas market Dusseldorf opening hours 2023

The Dusseldorf christmas market opening hours are 11am - 9pm daily except on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day 26th December.

On 24th December, Christmas Eve, the markets are open 11am - 3pm

On 26th December, Boxing Day, the markets are open 2pm - 9pm


Where is the Dusseldorf Christmas market location?

clay mulled wine cup at the Christmas market

Mulled wine

Dusseldorf markets are popular because there are several Christmas markets in Dusseldorf and each has a distinct theme, although great food and warming mulled wine is available everywhere of course!

Usually there are seven Christmas markets in Dusseldorf, making it a popular winter destination in Europe!

The markets are all located centrally, with Altstadt Markt being the most popular and the others a short walk away at Schadowstraße, Kö-Bogen and the areas around Dusseldorf-Stadtmitte station.

All the christmas market Dusseldorf locations:

  • Marktplatz (Rathaus)

  • Burgplatz

  • Heinrich-Heine-Platz / Flingerstasse market is right next door

  • Schadowplatz and Schadowstrasse

  • Ko-Bogan (more modern style, more lively for younger people)

  • Stadtbrückchen (great for food)


What is the best Christmas market in Dusseldorf?

A brightly lit up Christmas tree with a stone town hall in the background

Dusseldorf Christmas tree and town hall

My personal favourite is the more traditional market located in the Marktplatz in Altstadt - look for the Old Town Hall on Google Maps and you’ll find it!

I loved the vintage carousels, traditional wooden market stalls, the sparkling Christmas tree and the surroundings of the old brick town hall which made this market the most magical for me. It was also my favourite taste of Feuerzangenbowle which is a traditional German festive drink at German Christmas Markets with a rum-soaked sugar which is set alight and dripped into mulled wine - it’s got a bit more of a kick compared to normal mulled wine!

Right next to the Marktplatz is Burgplatz where the large ferris wheel is located and several other stalls decorated in vibrant colours. This area is a lot more open so bigger food stands, rides and attractions are here.

Large red lit up ferris wheel at the Dusseldorf Christmas market

Dusseldorf Ferris wheel

I also really liked Engelchenmarkt which is the Angel Market located in Heinrich-Heine-Platz. This is definitely the most aethetically beautiful Christmas market in Dusseldorf with thousands of light bulbs and angelic decorations reminiscent of old German fairy tales.


What else to expect at Düsseldorf Christmas market

As well as the individual markets, Christmas souvenirs and trinkets, great food and drink, you can also find plenty of events and activities at the markets.

Dusseldorf Christmas Market includes a large ferris wheel at over 50m tall which offers spectacular views across the city.

You can also expect an ice rink each year, with skating slots available throughout the day. Other events this year include curling, live performances and more to be announced 0 find the latest events here.


When is the best time to visit Dusseldorf Christmas Markets?

Of course this is an extremely busy time of year to visit Dusseldorf and it gets busier the closer to Christmas you are.

I would recommend booking early and aiming to visit in the first or second week of the markets, in late November or early December to get the best deals on flights and accommodation but also to avoid the most of the crowds which will come in mid and late December.


Where to stay close to Dusseldorf Christmas Markets?

A busy lit up Duesseldorf street during Christmas

Streets in Dusseldorf

Best place to stay near to Dusseldorf Christmas Markets

Das Carls Hotel - not a bad price and very central

Steigenberger Icon Parkhotel

Moxy Dusseldorf City - vibrant hotel, a short walk from the city centre

Best place to stay in Dusseldorf mid-range options:

Hotel Stadt Munchen - this is the hotel we stayed in as it’s a 20 minute walk from the centre so was more affordable at Christmas time

Carathotel Dusseldorf City

Budget friendly accommodation in Dusseldorf:

Limehome Dusseldorf - cheaper option and centrally located

Max Brown Midtown Hotel - only a short walk to the city centre


Things to do in Dusseldorf at Christmas

Of course there are also plenty of things to do in Dusseldorf at Christmas that aren’t the Christmas markets!

Check out the famous areas of the city like Königsallee and Ko-Bogen. See famous museums such as Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen or Museum Kunstpalast.

Go sightseeing along the Rhine River or take a walking tour of old town to see the sights.

Although it might be a little too cold, there are lots of popular parks in Dusseldorf such as Nord Park which has Japanese Gardens and Hofgarten. 

And don’t miss the shopping streets in and around the city centre for last minute Christmas shopping!


Travel tips for Christmas in Dusseldorf

Bright red lights at the Dusseldorf Christmas market

Christmas market stalls

  • Take layers, it was surprisingly cold

  • A thick, insulated coat or duffel coat is ideal

  • Boots or thick soled shoes are best to avoid cold feet!

  • Plan what you’d like to purchase in advance so you don’t spend money on unnecessary purchases

  • If you have specific restaurants you want to experience, book them in advance. We wanted to visit a specific Japanese restaurant but it was fully booked on the days we were there 

  • On that note, Dusseldorf has the biggest community of Japanese people outside of Japan so if you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine, it’s a great option while you’re there if you don’t want festive foods every day!

  • Plan which markets you want to go to, so you have time to visit them all in your trip

  • Download offline maps so you can always find your way around the city even without data

  • Don’t forget to try the mulled wine or the Feuerzangenbowle and the potato pancakes!


Summary: visiting the Christmas Market Düsseldorf in 2023

I hope this helps you plan your Christmas in Dusseldorf, it truly is a magical city at Christmas and the Dusseldorf Christmas Market is one of the best to experience in Europe.

Enjoy your 2023 Christmas Market experience in Dusseldorf!

Christmas in Dusseldorf is a truly magical experience! Here’s everything you need to know about planning your trip to Dusseldorf Christmas Markets this year. | dusseldorf christmas market | dusseldorf germany christmas market | dusseldorf aesthetic c