Tips for visiting Nuremberg in winter and Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt

Home to the oldest and one of the most famous Christmas Markets in the world, Nuremberg in winter is a magical wonderland, complete with snow, twinkling lights, medieval architecture and warming food and drink.

Having lived in mainland Europe for over a year, I made it my mission to visit as many Christmas markets as possible, both underrated Christmas markets and some of the most famous Christmas Markets in the world.

Nuremberg Winter Market is certainly one of the most well-known Christmas markets and I definitely think its reputation is worth it - read on for my tips for visiting Nuremberg in winter and enjoying the Nuremberg Christmas Market.


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Need to start planning your trip to Nuremberg ASAP?

Below are some of the top rated tours, hotels and recommendations for visiting Nuremberg. Make sure to book ahead of time to ensure availability!

Top Experiences and Tours in Nuremberg:
1) Nuremberg Christmas Market Tour
2) Nuremberg Medieval Dungeon Tour
3) Old Town and Nazi Rally Ground Walking Tour

Top Hotels and Accommodation in Nuremberg: 1) Karl August Hotel (Chic, modern and amazing reviews!)
2) TIPTOP Hotel Burgschmiet Garni(The hotel I stayed in, not the fanciest but great location)
3) Adina Apartment Hotel (Old Town location and great for families!)
4) Holiday Inn Nuremberg City Centre) (Budget friendly old town location)

night time at Nuremberg Christmas Market

Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt


Where is Nuremberg, Germany?

Nuremberg is a city in the German state of Bavaria and the second largest city in the state after Munich.

Bavaria itself sits in the southeast corner of Germany, sharing borders with neighbouring Czechia and Austria.

snow covered street in nuremberg

Nuremberg in winter


Is Nuremberg worth visiting?

I love picturesque Bavarian villages and German towns and cities, but to me - Nuremberg was completely different from them - in a great way!

The history of Nuremberg as a city dates back to 1050 and you can see the extent of the city’s history in the well-preserved historic landmarks, the incredible fortified old town, cobbled streets and importance of tradition here in the city.

I think Nuremberg is absolutely worth visiting and especially visiting Nuremberg in winter when the cobbled streets are dusted with snow and the festive atmosphere makes the medieval town feel even more magical, dramatic and atmospheric.

In my opinion, Nuremberg is a must-visit winter destination in Europe!

snow covered nuremberg christmas market

Nuremberg Christmas Market

What’s the temperature in Nuremberg in December?

Nuremberg weather December-February is COLD. I visited around mid-December and the temperature was between -5C - 5C the whole time we were there with a wind chill factor lowering the air temperature even more.

We found being in the old own where the buildings were closer together you were more protected from the wind but regardless - it was below freezing and snowing. I definitely recommend sturdy, well-insulated and grippy walking shoes and lots of thermal layers!

girl in a big duffel coat on a snow covered bridge overlooking nuremberg old town buildings

Nuremberg in winter


Does it snow in Nuremberg?

Yes! We had almost constant sprinkling snowfall during our 2 days in Nuremberg in December. Not heavy snow (it had been heavy on our drive there but not once we reached the city)

The gentle sprinkling of snow made the Christmas market in Nuremberg even more magical and gave the historic buildings and cobbled streets a beautiful glow in the warm street lighting - it really was one of the most magical Christmas markets in Europe that I’ve ever visited!

nuremberg old town in winter

Nuremberg in December


My top 10 tips for visiting Nuremberg in winter

1. Pack appropriately for very low temperatures

I’ve said it already, but the temperature in Nuremberg in December is around or below freezing and you will need plenty of layers!

  • Well-insulated books, trainers or walking shoes

  • Thick, thermal socks

  • Thermal base layers

  • Windproof and waterproof coat (I found a down jacket to be very effective)

girl holding a mug in the snowy street at night in nuremberg

Lots of layers for evenings at the Christmas Market in Nuremberg!


2. Book your hotel or accommodation well in advance

Visiting Christmas Markets in Europe is the most popular winter travel in the continent and this means that popular Christmas market cities see their accommodation book up fast.

Nuremberg is one of the oldest and most famous Christmas markets in the world and often accommodation deals are snapped up as early as the summer!

We did book our trip fairly last minute (we were driving back to the UK from Croatia) so we booked a very budget friendly hotel that was just outside the city walls that was an easy walking distance to the historic centre and the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt.

If you’re looking for hotels near Nuremberg Christmas Market, I can recommend the one we stayed in - TIPTOP Hotel Burgschmiet Garni

It was a bit tired around the edges but we only needed it as a bed for the night, parking was included, reviews were good and it was in a great location for walking so that was all we needed but I definitely don’t recommend leaving your booking as late as we did (2 weeks before our trip!)

a gothic church in nuremberg towering over the chirstmas market at night



3. Book tickets in advance for any attractions you want to visit

For the same reason as above, if you want to visit the Nuremberg Trials Memorium, the Palace of Justice, the Imperial Nuremberg Castle, the Rally Grounds or any other popular attractions in Nuremberg, I recommend booking in advance where possible to avoid disappointment.

old stone bridge over a river with timerframe houses covered in snow along the bank

Old town walking tour


4. Make sure to take out travel insurance in case the winter weather impacts your plans

It’s not something we want to think about but it’s definitely something important to consider. While bad weather can impact travel plans at any time, it’s a lot more likely during the winter months in Europe when severe cold, ice, snow and storms can impact airports and flights.

I recommend taking out insurance with your usual provider, checking if you already have coverage through your bank or credit card or use a comparison site to find the best travel insurance for you and your trip.


5. Schedule plenty of indoor time

Because of the cold, you’re not going to want to be outside for hours at a time!

Schedule in regular time for coffee breaks, snacks and indoor attractions to warm up between time spent outdoors - being uncomfortably cold even when you’re somewhere magical for a winter trip is no fun!


6. Give yourself a chance to browse the Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt before making purchases 

Nuremberg Christmas Market is famous for its handmade gifts, souvenirs, crafts and tasty foods. And I definitely agree that I found more beautiful and interesting souvenirs here than a lot of the tatt I’ve seen at other Christmas markets!

But a lot of the stalls sell similar things and prices can vary so shop around first before making a purchase!

stripped tops of market stalls in nuremberg chriskindlesmarkt at night

The main German Christmas Market at Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt


7. Visit in late November and early December to beat the crowds

Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt usually starts on the last Friday of November or the first Friday of December and runs until Christmas Eve.

For this reason, I’d suggest visiting perhaps for the last week of November so you can experience the opening of the Christmas market but without the crowds that peak in the early to middle weeks of December!

Below are the Nuremberg Christmas Market dates for 2023, 2024 and 2025:

Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt 2023 - Friday December 1st - Sunday December 24th 

Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt 2024 - Friday November 29th - Tuesday December 24th 

Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt 2025 - Friday November 28th - Wednesday 24th December 

hand holding a mug in a snowy cobbled street


christmas street lantern


girl holding a mug inder an illuminated sign that says Christkindlesmarkt



8. Fly into Frankfurt or Munich for the easiest public transport options to Nuremberg, also check Stuttgart

The nearest airport to Nuremberg is either Frankfurt or Munich and both offer cheap flights from all over Europe and great train connections to Nuremberg. Driving takes around 2 hours from Munich and 3 hours from Frankfurt.

Also check Stuttgart as I know some countries, like the UK have cheap flight carriers that fly into Stuttgart airport.


9. Check the seasonal events calendar

Nuremberg in winter has plenty of events, both for the seasonal Christmas Market and other events throughout January and February.

Check out the Nuremberg Germany tourism board events page and the Christmas market events page for details of what events, fairs, shows and exhibitions are happening.


10. Visit surrounding towns and cities while you’re in the area

The Bavaria region is simply stunning and well worth spending some time exploring. Whether you extend your stay and visit the Frankfurt or Munich winter markets, visit some of the famous German Medieval towns and villages like Rothenburg ob der Tauber or go off the beaten track and visit beautiful Regensberg just an hour away.


Nuremberg: things to do in winter

If you’re planning a winter trip to Nuremberg, here are my top recommendations for things to do in Nuremberg in winter and places to visit.

  1. The Nuremberg Christmas Market - drink gluhwein or Feuerzangenbowle - a famous German winter punch 

  2. Explore the fortified old town and old quarter cobbled streets

  3. Walk across Hangman’s Bridge dating back to 1595

  4. Explore the Handwerkerhof area full of traditional crafts and eateries

  5. Visit a famous German brewery or taphouse

  6. Visit the Nuremberg Trials Memorial

  7. Do a tour of the historic bunkers under Nuremberg Castle and the city walls

  8. Visit the Kongresshalle and the old Nazi Party Rally Grounds

  9. Wander through Altstadt, see the Gothic churches and medieval architecture

  10. Try the Bratwurst, pretzels and the city’s famous gingerbread.

looking through colourful market stalls to see the gothic church in nuremberg

Nuremberg Christmas Market in December


Summary: Nuremberg Germany winter tips and recommendations

Visiting Nuremberg in winter has been one of my favourite winter trips in Europe in recent years. From the historic Christmas market to the culture, history, things to do in Nuremberg and the great food and drinks in Nuremberg - you can easily plan a week or a weekend trip to Nuremberg in November, December or onwards into the new year.

Seeing the beautiful city dusted in snow is the ultimate festive experience and I hope you have an amazing trip!

Nuremberg in winter is the most magical time to experience the city’s famous Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt. See the city dusted in snow and plan your trip with these Nuremberg winter travel tips.| nuremberg christmas market | christmas in nuremberg |
Nuremberg in winter is the most magical time to experience the city’s famous Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt. See the city dusted in snow and plan your trip with these Nuremberg winter travel tips.| nuremberg christmas market | christmas in nuremberg |