A guide to Postira on Brac Island as a digital nomad

The Croatia digital nomad visa has been in full swing now since January 2021 and Croatia is really embracing the long stay, remote worker and digital nomad tourism that they’re attracting.

But having lived in Croatia for over a year now on the digital nomad visa, I was told very early on, not to bother looking for somewhere to live and base myself on one of the Croatian islands because the infrastructure wasn’t great and the internet wasn’t good enough for a full time digital nomad working online.

Having visited several of the islands now, I’d say that assessment was somewhat correct and while wifi has been okay in hubs like Hvar town or Korcula, it is patchy elsewhere.

However I recently became a Digital Nomad Ambassador for Dubrovnik and worked with tourism boards and remote working companies to increase the provision for nomads and long stay remote workers in Croatia and that adventure took me to Postira on Brac Island - which singlehandedly proved every assumption wrong about Croatian island life as a digital nomad.

Brac was the first island I visited when I arrived in Croatia in early 2022, I took the ferry from Split to Brac as a day trip and instantly loved the quaint towns on the island, the incredible and dramatic coastline, and not to mention the world-famous Zlatni Rat Beach, aka Golden Horn Beach.

So if you’re looking to escape to Croatia, whether on the digital nomad visa, for a short island hopping trip or for a long stay workation, here’s everything you need to know about why Postira is the place to base yourself when you explore Brac Island, Croatia.

a drone photo of a small town ont he coast with blue sea and orange rooftops

Postira, Brac Island

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Where is Brac Island, Croatia?

Brac Island is the largest Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea and is located around 20 miles from the mainland Dalmatian coast of Croatia.


How to get to Brac Island from the mainland?

Split is the closest mainland port to reach Brac and there are several ferries each day from Split port to Supetar, on Brac Island.

The ferry takes around 50 minutes and there are usually around 9 sailings per day, throughout the year, with up to 14 sailings per day throughout the busy summer months. Foot passenger tickets cost 10 euros each way (correct at time of writing).

To check ferry times, visit the Croatian national ferry company website, Jadrolinja or download the timetable here.

There is also an airport on the island, find more details here.


Where is Postira on Brac Island?

Postira is a small town on the north coast of Brac, located around 15 minutes east along the coast of the island from the main port at Supetar.

The easiest way to get to Postira is to take the ferry from Split to Supetar and then take a taxi to Postira. Alternatively if you plan to explore more of the island, you can also hire a car from Supetar - it’s much cheaper to do this than to hire a car in Split as you’d have to pay the vehicle ferry ticket and additional insurance for taking a rental vehicle to an island.

postira old town stone houses at sunset with orange rooftops

Postira Old Town at sunset


Why Postira is the perfect base on Brac Island for digital nomads

So you’re wondering what makes Postira the standout option for digital nomads on Brac? Especially in competition with famous destinations like Bol or conveniently located Supetar. Here are 8 reasons why Postira on Brac Island is the best island location for digital nomads in Croatia.

1. The best internet connection on Brac

girl sitting at a table with a laptop on it outside a door that's right next to the sea. She's holding a glass of wine and stone houses are in the background

My apartment, working right next to the water

As I mentioned before, the main warning about spending time on the Croatian islands as a digital nomad is the comparatively poor internet connection compared to the mainland.

However Posira is currently the only island location on Brac with a fibre optic internet connection, meaning the internet is not only the fastest here on the island, but it’s extremely reliable thanks to the fibre optic connection being secured via underwater cables from the mainland.

Due to the much further distance of other islands like Hvar, this type of internet connection just is not possible or established yet.

In fact, during our stay in Postira the internet connection was 100% consistent, more so even than the internet back at our apartment in Split!

So from a purely practical perspective, you have nothing to worry about in terms of connectivity and getting work done here as a digital nomad. This is by far the biggest positive and in my opinion the biggest draw for digital nomads coming to Postira over other towns or even other islands.


2. Easy travel time from Supetar and Split

Of course one of the main drawbacks of spending time on any island is the distance from amenities and facilities that you might need from a major town or city.

While this is something you have to accept with most islands, Postira is ideally located just 15 minutes along the coast from Supetar where there are three major supermarkets as well as many other major facilities including the ferry port. 

With Split being just 50 minutes away on the ferry, you can easily get there and back in half a day if you need to. We had a dentist appointment back in Split and we just hopped on the 2.30pm ferry back to Split and were back in Postira on the island after our appointment by 6pm.

village harbour with houses on the hill and boats in the harbour at sunset

Supetar, Brac Island


3. Free parking in Postira 

This might not apply to everyone if you don’t plan on having or renting a car during your stay. But getting around by car is by far the easiest way to see the island and parking can be a huge factor in whether or not some people choose to rent a car.

Postira has a huge free parking area by their sports facilities in the centre of the town, meaning you’ll always have somewhere to park your vehicle for free. There's a good amount of street parking available in the town if you were staying in an apartment in Postira.

Postira town and football pitch with lots of free parking


4. Well-connected bus links

Although I’ve said that exploring by car is the most efficient and flexible way to explore Brac island, if you don’t plan on driving or would prefer to stay closer to Postira, there is a well-established bus service that connects Postira with other towns throughout the island.

This definitely isn’t the quickest way to get around but it’s certainly cheap and easy to do from Postira.

sand bar with turquoise blue water around it on Brac Island Croatia - Zlatni Rat beach

Take the bus to Zlatni Rat aka Golden Horn Beach in Bol, Brac Island


5. Small but very walkable with plenty to do

If you don’t have a vehicle, you don’t need to worry about running out of things to do in Postira.

The town itself is very walkable with a beautiful harbour, town beach and walking routes along the coast in both directions.

There are also plenty of cafes, restaurants, sports facilities, four hotels and amenities, plus the famous olive oil groves, production and factory right in the town where you can learn about the olive oil production process and purchase locally produced, premium products at a fraction of the price for supermarket bought olive oil and similar products.

The bike rentals in town mean you can easily cycle along the coastal trails to visit numerous bays and beaches.

Plus, the nearby Dol Ethno Village is of huge historic significance and is spectacularly well-preserved, you can easily spend a whole morning exploring here. Or make a day of it and hike up Vidova Gora from Postira - the highest peak on the island, the highest peak of all the Adriatic Islands!

a small old stone village on a hill - Dol ethno village, Postira Brac Island

Dol Ethno VIllage


6. Year-round activities, events and things to do

sign for the postira olive picking competiton on brac island in Croatia

Postira World Olive Picking Championships

Many people also suggest that spending an extended amount of time on the islands in Croatia outside of the main season is boring because many of the islands effectively shut down in the low season, businesses close, there’s no tourism and it means there’s nothing to do.

However Postira is unique in that tourism is not its main industry.

In fact, olive oil production and fishing are its two other main industries alongside tourism. This means that the town never really “shuts down” like other island destinations do because these other industries carry on throughout the year and locals remain in the town to continue their work in these industries.

girl in yellow jacket, holding a bike on a dock next to clear blue sea in a bay

For example, the World Olive Picking Championships happens each year in October in Postira. Find out more from DNA Croatia to enter as a Digital Nomad.

There is a huge football and Rugby festival which happens in early April, bringing teams from islands and the mainland to Postira. Postira is a base for cyclists coming in by boat on cycling tours to enjoy the hundreds of kilometres of cycling trails on Brac Island. And you’ll see locals selling their fresh catch each day straight out of their boat in the harbour.

Despite its small size, Postira is much more lively and has much more to offer visitors in the low season than any other town on Brac, or indeed many other islands too!


7. Postira is already welcoming digital nomads

With only 1500 residents, it might surprise you to know that Postira is already open to and actively welcoming digital nomads.

The famous World Olive Picking Championships happen each year and only one team can enter from every country, but there is also a digital nomad team which has been participating for several years now made up of a variety of nationalities.

Cafes in the town are open to nomads and long stay remote workers working in cafes and the tourism board is actively encouraging digital nomads and remote workers to come to the town and experience everything that Postira has to offer.

a cobbled street with stone houses on each side with a church at the top

Postira Old Town


8. The people are so friendly

Leading on from my last point, my partner and I noticed within a day or two that everyone, and I mean everyone,  said hello to us, or rather, “Dobar Dan” (Good day) or “Bok” (hi).

This isn’t to say that anywhere else in Croatia is unfriendly (far from it!) but no one had ever said hello to us in the street before in Split where we lived. Usually we found that since we obviously looked like tourists, we were never really acknowledged unless we were in a restaurant for example.

But in Postira on our morning walks, cycling down to Lovrecina Bay or walking out to pick up food from the store, everyone smiled and greeted us - it was honestly so lovely to feel so welcomed, especially in a small community like Postira.


9. High value

Something we really noticed during our stay was the pride and care that clearly everyone felt towards the town and their community.

There always seems to be something going on, everyone is very welcoming and chilled out. There are also plenty of information boards, maps and signposting so you can learn so much about the town even without having a guide.

The town seems very proactive in creating a welcoming and informative place to be which from my perspective is great for retention - encouraging people to stay longer and return often. So much so that we’re already planning our return trip for next year!

beach near Postira

beach near Postira


10. It’s beautiful!

Whether you’re working on the rooftop terrace at Hotel Postura, strolling along the gravel track towards Lovrecina Bay or exploring the fascinating historic Ethno Village of Dol, this town, coastline and region are so beautiful.

The nature is breathtaking and lends itself to cyclists, hikers, swimmers and walkers. The beaches are perfect for relaxation. The trails are great for a casual walk or a hike up Vidova Gora. The history and industry here from Dol to the Olive Production is fascinating and you can’t miss the opportunity to try locally produced wine, olive oil or fresh seafood.

Plus you can easily take advantage of Postira’s location with day trips to Skrip, Bol, Pucisca, Supetar, Vidova Gora, Blaca Monastery and beyond!

stone houss surrounding a stone church with a red spire

Summary: why you should spend time in Postira on Brac Island as a digital nomad

Islands might not be the ideal location for every digital nomad, but if you’re someone like me and you prefer not to be based in a large city and you crave the outdoors and plenty of nature on your doorstep as well as a fantastic internet connection, the Postira really does feel like it has it all.

Let’s face it, many people dream of being able to escape and spend time living on a sunny island - being able to spend time working, living and enjoying being there for a long stretch is honestly the dream.

Plus Brac really isn’t as well-known as its famous neighbour, Hvar, or party island Pag. So if you’re someone who prefers a smaller sized town or even village, a slower, more carefree pace of life sustained by your online digital work - consider Brac Island, and specifically Postira, for your next digital nomad destination.

Who doesn’t dream of escaping to live on a sunny island for a while? Postira on Brac Island off the coast of Croatia has it all, from great weather and beautiful nature to the best internet connection and they’re ready to welcome digital nomads. | di