The best day trips from Dubrovnik, Croatia

The historic walled city of Dubrovnik is an iconic European summer destination. Make the most of your stay in Dubrovnik with these day trips from Dubrovnik. From island hopping to visiting Montenegro or Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are so many incredible Dubrovnik day trips to choose from.

Living in Croatia for the past year has given me plenty of opportunities to visit Dubrovnik and not only explore the city but also enjoy some of the best day trips Dubrovnik has to offer - the popular ones and the more hidden gems!

After visiting Dubrovnik five times and becoming an Ambassador for the city in 2023, here are my picks of the best day trips and day tours from Dubrovnik to make the most of your stay.

Read on to discover 20+ epic Dubrovnik day tours and trips to take!

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a view from above of the walled city of dubrovnik surrounded by blue sea

Dubrovnik Old Town

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23 Best days trips from Dubrovnik, Croatia

1. Montenegro

Distance from Dubrovnik: 2 hours drive

A Montenegro day trip from Dubrovnik is one of the easiest Dubrovnik day trips because the Montenegro border is just a short drive away from Dubrovnik!

One of the best tours in Dubrovnik is a day trip from Dubrovnik to Kotor, Montenegro, a stunning fortified town which is located at the top of a fjord - the only fjord in southern Europe: the Bay of Kotor.

A Dubrovnik to Kotor day trip should only take around 2 hours to reach Kotor and if you’re driving yourself, there are plenty of epic places to stop along the way including Herceg Novi and Perast. In Perast, take a short boat ride out to Our Lady of the Rocks Island.

In Kotor itself, explore Stari Grad (the old town), climb up to Kotor Fortress (bring good shoes and water - it’s steep!) and walk around the harbour. Also don’t miss the chance to walk along the Old Town Kotor city walls - they don’t promote the walls that well but they’re actually free to access unlike Dubrovnik! Ask for a map at the Old Town entrance or find the steps to the walls at Kampana Tower.

If you’d prefer to go to Montenegro from Dubrovnik as part of an organised tour, check out prices and availability for the best day trips from Dubrovnik to Montenegro here.

Or check out this Montenegro tour from Dubrovnik which includes Perast.

Don’t forget to take your passport for crossing borders!

girl sitting on a wall looking over Kotor in Montenegro

The walk to Kotor Fortress


2. Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Distance from Dubrovnik: 2.5 hours drive

the old stone bridge in Mostar, across a turquoise river with houes and a mountain behind

Mostar Old Town Bridge

This is one of my favourite trips in Dubrovnik and I really think visiting Mostar is a great opportunity to experience the heritage and history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Honestly I was amazed at how different the two countries are historically, culturally, religiously and socially, despite being neighbours!

A Dubrovnik to Mostar day trip can be done easily either with your own rental car or as part of an organised tour like this one.

I drove with my partner in our own vehicle and easily found parking around the old town area but there are plenty of tour options if you’d prefer not to drive yourself.

Don’t miss these stops in Mostar on your Dubrovnik to Bosnia day trip:

  • The Stari Most bridge, the famous Mostar stone bridge in the heart of old town

  • Explore the bazaars and markets

  • Visit and learn about the country’s recent history at the Museum of War and Genocide Victims and Herzegovina Museum

  • Climb the minaret at Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque

  • Eat at Restorante Kulluk for amazing views of the stone bridge and the old town

Don’t forget your passport for crossing the border!


3. Kravice Waterfalls, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Distance from Dubrovnik: 2hrs 20 drive

If you’re looking for waterfalls near Dubrovnik, Kravice Waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina is actually the closest one, rather than Krka Waterfalls or Plitvice Lakes National Park - both of which are in Croatia.

Kravice is really a bit of an underrated gem in comparison to Plitvice or Krka but I love it because you can actually swim in Kravice Waterfalls, there’s a beautiful beach area, boat trips and cafes along the water so you can easily spend a whole day there on a day trip from Dubrovnik.

If you’re driving yourself, it’s easy to park up, pay the entry fee (they use Bosnian Marks but it equates to around 10 euros) and walk down to the waterfalls. There’s also a small passenger train if you’d prefer not to walk up and down the hill.

The area itself is much smaller than Plitvice or Krka which are both national parks, but you can have more of a relaxed romantic day trip from Dubrovnik to Kravice Waterfalls or a fun family waterfall experience.

There aren’t many tours that go just to Kravice Waterfalls from Dubrovnik, most stop at Kravice for a short stop before continuing to Mostar. So you’ll find plenty of options for a Mostar and Kravice waterfalls tour from Dubrovnik.

Don’t forget your passport to cross the border!

A seres of waterfalls falling into turquoise water with a man paddling a boat in the middle

Kravice Waterfalls, Bosnia and Herzegovina


4. Lokrum Island

Distance from Dubrovnik: 10 minute boat ride

a pink house by a dock on the edge of turquoise blue water

Arriving at Lokrum Island, for a Dubrovnik day trip

If you’re looking for short boat trips from Dubrovnik, it doesn’t get much easier than this!

The Lokrum Island Nature Reserve is just a 10 minute boat ride from Dubrovnik Old Town. The boat from the harbour costs 27 euros per person and this includes the round trip boat ride and your entry to the island.

I personally think that Lokrum is one of the best day trips Dubrovnik has to offer, it’s a short ride, easy to reach and has plenty to do for all ages!

Head to the Old Town port at Ploce Gate and you’ll find the boat at the end of the pier. Boats leave 304 times per hour so you never have long to wait.

Things to do on Lokrum Island:

  • Visit the Monastery (a Game of Thrones filming location)

  • Visit the Botanical Gardens

  • See the free roaming peacocks

  • Enjoy the beaches on the island - there’s also a world famous FKK beach!

  • Follow the walking route around the island or hike to the abandoned fortress at the top of the island for amazing views

  • Float in the Dead Sea - a unique sea lake in the centre of the island with her salt content that allows you to float (like the Dead Sea in Jordan!)

  • Have a drink and a meal at one of the restaurants on the island

Make sure you check when the last boat back to the mainland is!


5. Ston

Distance from Dubrovnik: 1 hour drive

One of my favourite Dubrovnik hidden gems and Croatia hidden gems, actually!

a long stone wall winding up a hill

Ston walls

Ston is home to the longest defensive wall in Europe and the longest complete fortress system in Europe, in fact it’s often referred to as the Great Wall of Europe. Construction of the walls started in 1358 and they were used to fortify the Republic of Dubrovnik and its wealthy port.

A day trip to Ston from Dubrovnik can be done easily from Dubrovnik either independently or as a tour. Or you can stop there on your drive to Split or any other destination in Croatia.

I personally recommend doing this day trip independently or with your own vehicle so you can explore and wander around at your own pace but there are a couple of tour options here too that involve food and wine tasting.

Things to do in Ston:

climbing an uphill stone wall

Climbing Ston walls

  • Walk the city walls from Ston to Mali Ston - if you have the Dubrovnik City pass you can get a discount on your ticket

  • Your walls ticket also gives you entry to Fort Kastio in Ston

  • Visit the salt pans in Ston

  • In Mali Ston, try the world-famous Ston oysters at one of the restaurants here

  • Or go out on an oyster picking trip for the freshest oysters ever!

a small town bay with turquoise water

Mali Ston oyster bay


6. Hotel Belvedere and Sveti Jakov

Distance from Dubrovnik: 10 minute drive / 30 minute walk

Hotel Belvedere is definitely a unique day trip from Dubrovnik as this is an abandoned Hotel.

Originally a 5-star hotel in the 1980s, this was a luxury resort that people dreamt of staying in during their visit to Dubrovnik.

But the Croatian War and onslaught from the Yugoslav Army in the 1990s saw the hotel destroyed by mortar shells, gunfire and fires. 

The hotel is still owned but is unable to be developed for various political and economic reasons. But it’s part of a coastal walking area that’s popular with locals - if a little off the beaten path in Dubrovnik for tourists!

Access to it is easy and it’s right next to Sveti Jakov beach which is a beautiful bay with stunning clear water and a lively beach bar during the summer (although be prepared for around 500 steps down to the beach, and back up again!)

So why not combine a visit to a lesser-known beach with an even lesser known abandoned hotel?! You can even see receipts from the last guests there, an empty pool and a huge amphitheatre that was used for Game of Thrones filming!

Please note - this place is public access and the local authorities have tried to clear it up. However if you do go inside - please exercise caution - this is an abandoned building with debris, rubble, unstable infrastructure in places, smashed glass and other rubble that could cause injury - please explore with caution and at your own risk.

abandoned hotel building overlooking the bay of Dubrovnik

Abandoned hotel Belvedere overlooking Dubrovnik


7. Sea Kayaking

colourful kayaking boats in the sheltered bay by Dubrovnik old town

Kayaking in Dubrovnik

Distance from Dubrovnik: 5 minutes

Sea kayaking is one of the most fun and unique ways to see Dubrovnik from the water.

You can make this a half day excursion in Dubrovnik and pair it with another afternoon activity or just have a chilled afternoon on nearby Sulic Beach.

Head out to explore the coast, hidden bays, Lokrum Island and the coastal views from your kayak - a great group activity too.


8. Elaphiti Islands

Distance from Dubrovnik: 40 minutes - 1.5 hours

Made up of 3 main islands, Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan and a handful of smaller islets, the islands offer stunning bays and beaches, nature and wildlife for all outdoor lovers to enjoy a day trip from Dubrovnik.

rocky island, green trees and turquoise water

You’ll find loads of options from a full day 3 island Dubrovnik to Elaphiti islands trip, to snorkelling and sailing trips with lunch and drinks included.

You can also visit the Elaphiti islands on a budget by using the local ferry service from the Dubrovnik port. Tickets are a fraction of the price of a tour - around 3 euros per foot passenger. The only downside being it’s slower and pretty much impossible to see all three islands in one day because of the ferry times. But you could just pick one island and fully explore it.

This Elaphiti tour takes you to all 3 islands, includes lunch and unlimited drinks and you can get hotel pick up and drop off too if you need it!

Or for a more unique experience, sail to the Elaphiti islands on a Karaka ship!


9. Mljet National Park

Distance from Dubrovnik: 1.5 hours

One of the eight stunning national parks in Croatia, a Mljet day trip from Dubrovnik is one of the most popular Dubrovnik day trips for a reason.

Mljet is 37km long and is the southernmost island in Dalmatia. It can be reached as a day trip from Dubrovnik but it is a full day trip and I’d suggest going as part of a tour.

With stunning nature, idyllic bays with crystal clear water and hidden beaches, Mljet is a paradise and perfect for swimming, snorkelling, cliff jumping, cycling and hiking and I think it’s one of the best (if not the best) island trips from Dubrovnik for epic scenery.


10. Korcula

Distance from Dubrovnik: 3 hours

Often called “Little Dubrovnik”, a day trip from Dubrovnik to Korcula is a long day but well worth it. 

Similar to Hvar, Korcula island also shares its name with the main town on the island - Korcula town. The island is large and it’s unlikely you will be able to see most of it in one day, but I’d recommend focusing on the town while you have the time.

To get there you’ll drive from Dubrovnik, up the Pelješac peninsula and take a short ferry ride from Orebić to Korcula town.

The charming fortified town of Korcula is so beautiful and much less crowded than Dubrovnik! There are incredible restaurants and bars in the town too.

A day tour like this Dubrovnik to Korcula touris a long day but worth it, with stops in Ston, at the vineyards on Pelješac Peninsula and time in Korcula town itself.

Check prices and availability here.


11. Kojan Koral Dubrovnik ATV tour

Distance from Dubrovnik: 35 minutes

A bit of a different and more unusual day out from Dubrovnik but if you like adrenaline activities and you don’t mind kicking up some dust (or mud!) an ATV tour in the nearby Kojan Koral recreational area is a fun and unique way to explore the area.

Tours will take you through rivers, mud, forests and swamps and to visit a traditional village in the area before a spot of local wine to conclude your half day trip from Dubrovnik.


12. Korcula and/or Pelješac wine tasting tour

red wine tasting

Wine tasting on Peljesac Peninsula

Distance from Dubrovnik: 1 hour 15 minutes

If the Dubrovnik to Korcula day trip above sounds right for you but you want more of a focus on wine tasting - a day tour is a great way to experience the famous local wine in the region without having to worry about who’s driving home!

This Pelješac Peninsula and Korcula tourincludes wine tasting as part of your sightseeing experience. Or check out the next activity to experience just the wine and food culture on Pelješac Peninsula.


12. Pelješac Peninsula

Distance from Dubrovnik: 1 hour 15 minutes

I personally feel that the Pelješac Peninsula is one of the most underrated areas of Croatia, but it is getting more well-known now thanks to the recent opening of the new Pelješac Bridge which connects the mainland to the peninsula in order to reach Dubrovnik without going through Bosnia and Herzegovina.

If you want to visit the peninsula at your own pace with your own vehicle, don’t miss these stops:

  • Ston

  • Plaza Prapratno

  • Drace

  • Edivo Wine Bar

  • Villa Korta Winery

  • Orebic - where you have the option to take the ferry to Korcula

Or to go as part of a tour, check out this Pelješac food and wine tour.

a long bridge crossing water

The Peljesac Bridge opened in 2022


13. Split

Distance from Dubrovnik: 3 hours

While day trips from Dubrovnik to Split are possible, I personally think that there’s too much to see in Split for a Dubrovnik to Split one day trip. However it’s one of the things that I get asked most about, “Can I see Split if I’m staying in Dubrovnik?” (and vice versa.)

The drive from Dubrovnik to Split takes around 3 hours, so you could do it in a day (in theory) and there are some tours that offer it too, such as this one.

If you have the time on your trip to Croatia, I’d recommend staying overnight in Split or perhaps taking a slower journey there via Korcula island and spending half of your trip in both cities.

waterfront of Split Croatia

Split, Croatia


14. Krka Waterfalls

Distance from Dubrovnik: 3.5 hours

Similar to Split, this is a very long day trip, around 3.5 hours each way. But if you really want to see some of the famous waterfalls in Croatia, Krka is your closest option rather than Plitvice.

You could drive this in a day if you have your own vehicle - purchase your park tickets here.

krka waterfalls in croatia, a series of falls into a turquoise green lake

Krka Waterfalls National Park


15. Cavtat

outdoor seating in front of a stone restaurant building


Distance from Dubrovnik: 30 minutes

A lovely, easy day trip from Dubrovnik to Cavtat is just a 30 minute drive or a taxi boat across the bay.

Cavtat is smaller, quieter and often a bit of an escape from Dubrovnik - although it’s very dead in the winter months (as I discovered!)

You can also take the Dubrovnik to Cavtat bus line.

Cavtat is known for its luxury hotels, beautiful beaches and ancient historical sites found around the area.

Don’t miss in Cavtat:

  • Cavtat harbour for a nice stroll

  • Rector’s Palace

  • St Nicholas Church

  • A walk around the Sustjepan walking trail on the peninsula or the Setnica oko Rata trail

  • Beach Bar Banac

  • Posejdon restaurant

cavtat waterfront, a town near Dubrovnik Croatia

Cavtat is an easy day trip from Dubrovnik


16. Mlini

Distance from Dubrovnik: 20 minutes

Just 20 minutes along the coast from Dubrovnik is the village of Mlini where you’ll find beachfront hotels, beautiful beaches and waterfront cafes.

Many people stay here as a quieter alternative to Dubrovnik as it’s classed as the Dubrovnik Riviera. But that also makes it a great option for a relaxing day trip just a short drive from Dubrovnik - you could even take a taxi.

Many people don’t know that all beaches in Croatia are public, so you can walk through any hotel to access the beachfront there, enjoy the watersports and relax on the beach.


17. Pasjaca Beach

Distance from Dubrovnik: 40 minutes

For those who like to find the hidden gem Insta spots!

This unique beach is reached by a narrow staircase down the side of a cliff. It’s secluded, dramatic and the perfect place to escape for a day trip away from the Dubrovnik beaches!


18. Zaton

Distance from Dubrovnik: 25 minutes

Definitely a location that’s under the radar but if you drive into Dubrovnik from the north (from Split) you’ll drive down the coast along what I believe is the most beautiful coastal drive in Croatia. Zaton is one of the small, idyllic and charming villages in the bays along this coastal drive.

Many of these small villages are popular for Croatians on holiday or holiday homes that are a much better price than those in Dubrovnik town.

Zaton offers charming beaches, plenty of restaurants, a waterfront stroll and an escape from the busy town if you want to spend some quiet time off the beaten path. 

I think it’s worth just driving out to do this coastal drive up to the Slano and back!


19. Trsteno Arboretum

Distance from Dubrovnik: 30 minutes

Another town along the same coast as Zaton but a bit further on from Zaton is Trsteno.

Trsteno is very small, probably only a half day trip from dubrovnik but it’s home to a stunning arboretum on the coast which was part of a 15th century aristocratic summer residence. It’s full of stunning stone sculptures, fountains, exotic plants and amazing views of the coast.

Tickets cost 10 euros.


20. Slano 

Distance from Dubrovnik: 40 minutes

Another village up the coast from Dubrovnik that’s slightly larger but equally as charming with a crystal clear blue bay, terracotta rooftops nestled in the trees, beaches, restaurants, campsites and the Rector’s Palace there to explore.


21. Edivo Wine Bar

clay amphora pots covered in shells and crustaceans from being buried in the sea

Wine amphoras which have been matured in the sea at Edivo Wine Bar

Distance from Dubrovnik: 1 hour 25 minutes

Probably one of the most unique things to do in Croatia and a must-do trip from Dubrovnik if you’re a wine lover.

Edivo wine bar has been featured in Forbes, Conde Nast, Lonely Planet and more because they’re a winery that stores and ages their bottles in the sea.

Wine bottles are placed in Amphoras and stored in the water before being collected months or years later.

You can visit their wine bar and tasting room and they offer everything from wine tastings with a local food platter, to the chance to purchase a bottle still in the clay amphora (covered in seashells from being in the water), or if you’re a certified diver, you can even go down with them and dive to collect your own bottle!

Check them out here.


22. 3 island cruise Dubrovnik

dubrovnik coastline

Distance from Dubrovnik: various

One of the most popular Dubrovnik boat day trips is the 3 island tour Dubrovnik offers. There are multiple tour companies, boat trips and agencies to help you plan island trips from Dubrovnik that I won’t overwhelm you with loads of choice!

But I do think it’s a great way to see as much as possible, especially if you’re short on time.

boats anchored in a turquoise bay in croatia

23. Local food and wine tour

Distance from Dubrovnik: 5 minutes

For the foodies, one of the best tours in Dubrovnik is a food and wine tour! It’s a great way to learn about the history and culture of Dubrovnik but with the added bonus of food and drink!

This 3 hour food tour takes you to cosy historic restaurants tucked away in alleyways in the city walls and teaches you about the gastronomic history of Dubrovnik and the region.

Summary: The best Dubrovnik trips and day tours

Whether you’re looking for the best three island tour Dubrovnik has to offer, or a once in a lifetime Bosnian Mostar tour from Dubrovnik, there are so many choices available in Dubrovnik - especially in the peak season, that you can easily fill up your trip with activities and tours.

Dubrovnik is right at the bottom of Croatia but it offers a great chance to experience the islands, the regional gastronomy and to visit neighbouring countries like Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Hopefully this guide has given you plenty of inspiration for your trip planning to Dubrovnik.

Pin for later to plan your future trip!

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