Split to Mostar day trip itinerary: the best Mostar tour from Split

When I moved to Split, Croatia in March, I knew I wanted to take advantage of the country’s shared border with Bosnia & Herzegovina. Despite being neighbours, there are so many fascinating and interesting differences between Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

What appealed to me even more was the ease of the border crossing - thankfully it is very easy to plan a Split to Mostar day trip or a Dubrovnik to Mostar day trip - depending on which city you’re visiting in Croatia.

Whether you’ve hired a car or you’re planning on taking an organised tour, a day trip to Mostar from Split has been in my top 3 favourite day trips from Split so far.

So if you’re wondering about the best way to get to Mostar from Split or how to pick the Split to Mostar tour that’s right for you - read on!

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Where is Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Mostar is a city in the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina that sits on the banks of the Neretva River. It’s around 1 hour north from the Croatian border and around 2 hours south of the capital of Sarajevo, meaning a day trip from Sarajevo to Mostar is another easy option.

The best Mostar tour from Split

view of the old town bridge in Mostar with flowers in the foreground and a green mountain in the background

I’m a huge fan of Get Your Guide tours because they use local tour guides and local expertise to give you the best experience, plus they deal with all the slightly more daunting things like border crossings and driving on the other side of the road in a foreign country!

This full day trip from Split to Mostar is run by a local provider and has departure points in both Split and Trogir.

What I loved about this tour is that you actually get SO MUCH time to explore Mostar. You have a guided tour but they also give you time to explore the city on your own (check out some of my itinerary recommendations below for inspiration).

I also loved this tour because it includes a visit to Kravice Waterfalls. If you’ve visited Krka or Plitvice National Parks during your trip to Croatia, Krka is really similar except less busy and less expensive! I was honestly blown away by Kravice, I thought it was just so beautiful, there’s a small beach area and a couple of small cafes if you need refreshments.

You can also swim there too which isn’t the case now in Krka and Plitvice National Parks!

I felt like this tour was really great value for money at under £60 for a full day trip, transport included and a walking tour guide in Mostar.


Things to note:

  • You do need to bring your passport (and a visa for Bosnia if you require one) as UK and US citizens, my partner and I did not require a visa, neither do citizens of EU countries

  • The Kravice Waterfall ticket is not included in the tour price but it’s only £9.

mist rising from a blue lake as waterfalls crash down around a man on a canoe

Kravice Waterfalls


Other Split Mostar tours to consider:

Another option I had looked at was this Split to Mostar day tour which includes the same as the tour above but also a stop at the medieval town of Počitelj in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The dates just didn’t work out for my availability.

But the ratings for the tour are really positive and the price is similar to the one above.


Dubrovnik to Mostar day tour

If you are looking for a Mostar day trip from Dubrovnik, this day tour is by far the most well-reviewed option.

You’ll have the chance to visit Neum, the only coastal town in Bosnia, Medjugorje, Počitelj and of course Mostar. Although unfortunately, Kravice Waterfalls is not included on this tour.



How to get from Split to Mostar by car

traditional Ottoman buildings and a minaret in old town Mostar, Bosnia

Driving to Mostar is also pretty straightforward if you have your own rental vehicle.

You will need to keep your car rental documents with you and of course bring your passport and any relevant visas for the border crossing which usually doesn’t take too long.

If you are doing the Split to Mostar drive, make sure you head to the Nova Sela border crossing station or the smaller Crveni Grm border crossing, NOT the random country lane at Veliki Prolog as Google Maps tried to take us on our first drive to Mostar!

From Split to the border, it’s just 1 hour 30 minutes drive and you’ll take the A1 toll road most of the way. The toll is based on how long you spend on the toll road, so keep your ticket when you enter and you can pay either by cash, card or in Euros too when you exit the A1.

You might want to visit Kravice Waterfalls first as they’re closest to the border after you cross from Croatia (read more on my itinerary below) otherwise it’s another hour to reach Mostar once you’ve crossed the border.

Alternatively if you’d prefer to travel to Mostar from Croatia independently but don’t have a car, there are great Split to Mostar bus options with Flixbus. Although these do take 3-4 hours due to other stops, so it could be a better option if you plan to stay overnight in Mostar or travel onwards in Bosnia & Herzegovina. There are also daily Mostar to Split return options.


Day trip from Split to Mostar itinerary

Whether you’re planning a Split to Mostar day trip with a tour or independently, this is the itinerary I followed and with my favourite places in Mostar to explore in your own time.


Visit Kravice Waterfall (and take a dip if you fancy!)

As I mentioned in the tour section above, Kravice is very similar to Krka Waterfalls or Plitvice in Croatia but with the big bonus that you can swim there!

It’s a much smaller complex, just a short walk from the car park down to the falls and there’s one shoreline to enjoy, no complex winding paths like Plitvice or Krka!

You can spend as little as 30 minutes here or spend a whole afternoon swimming, sunbathing and grabbing lunch at the cafes here.

Tickets are 20 KM (Bosnian Marks) which is around £9 or $11 USD.

turquoise water in a lagoon with cascading waterfalls all around and blue sky

Kravice Waterfalls


Wander Mostar Old Town and see the famous Stari Most Bridge

girl sitting on a rock by a river with the famous domed bridge of Mostar in the background

Riverside at Stari Most Bridge

Of course you probably have the famous Star Most stone bridge at the top of your Mostar itinerary - and for good reason! It’s one of the best things to see in Mostar!

This 16th Century bridge was sadly destroyed during the Bosnian War, but afterwards the government pulled the stones from the original bridge out of the riverbed and rebuilt the bridge. It was designated as a UNESCO site in 2015.

Spend some time walking over the bridge but also head down to the water and get some pictures from the vantage points there with the turquoise river and minaret of the mosque in the background.

You will often see people diving off this bridge too - don’t try this yourself unless you’re a professional!


Sample the Baklava

Two white plates with big pieces of Baklava


Even though you’re just 1 hour from Croatia, the Ottoman influence is still so strong in Bosnia & Herzegovina compared to Croatia.

A Turkish coffee and traditional baklava pastry can be found all over the Old Town and baklava is one of my favourite pastries EVER!

Make sure to grab some to sample as you wander around.


Buy traditional souvenirs from the Old Town Bazaar

Again, the Old Town Bazaar feels SO DIFFERENT from the Old Town in Split or Dubrovnik. The Middle Eastern influence makes the Bazaar such a unique cultural experience and an assault on the senses as you hear the calling of the stall holders, the smells of incense and baklava and see the vibrant colours of the traditional robes, tea sets, fabrics and ceramics.

Yes there are plenty of ‘touristy’ things here to buy, but the Bosnian and traditional Turkish influenced souvenirs and items you can buy are so unique and different to any souvenirs you’ll find in Croatia - I recommend a small token at least to take home!


Visit the Koski-Mehmed Pasha's Mosque and climb the Minaret

Over half of the Bosnian & Herzegovinan population is Muslim, with the remainder being Christian. So don’t be surprised to hear the call to pray as you explore the city’s streets.

This 17th-century Mosque was also substantially rebuilt after the war, but still retains its traditional courtyard, and domed roof and you can climb the Minaret for incredible views of the city.

The ticket to climb the tower cost around £5 (I can’t remember exactly!) but the entrance to the courtyard is free, so it’s also a great option for free things to do in Mostar.

entrace to a mosque with the minaret towering into the blue sky

Learn about the Bosnian War at the Museum of War and Genocide Victims

Large white building with yellow trim and a opened black door

Museum of War and Genocide Victims

Depending on how much time you have, this may or may not fit into your Split-Mostar day trip, but if you do have time - I highly recommend visiting the Museum of War and Genocide Victims. We spent about 1 hour here reading all the stories and looking at the items and I’d say it’s one of the best things to do in Mostar.

I know the name sounds depressing, but there’s not a lot about war that isn’t upsetting and sad to learn about. I felt the need to visit this museum particularly because the Bosnian War is such a recent part of European history and yet I feel ashamed and embarrassed that I knew almost nothing about it.

This is not a topic we covered in school curriculum and yet it’s a conflict so recent that the country is still recovering and rebuilding even today.

The Museum shares stories of those impacted, involved and affected by the war, genocide, concentration camps, mass graves and crimes against women and children. It tells the history of the war but through the stories of humans who lived it and through their personal belongings.

Tickets are £4.50 or $6 USD.


Enjoy dinner with a view of the famous Stari Most Bridge at Restorante Kulluk

Prices in Bosnia & Herzegovina are significantly cheaper than other places in Europe. For that reason, it’s a great chance to enjoy a meal with a view and for a great price.

At the top of the Old Town, near to the Mosque is Resorante Kulluk. Their upstairs terrace gives you a view of the Old Town, the river, the mountain and of course the famous Stari Most bridge.

Their menu is provided in a selection of languages and they offer traditional Bosnian cuisine as well as standard pizza, pasta and meat dishes.

We loved the experience here and the views with our meal - highly recommend this as one of the best places to eat in Mostar, although you’ll also find a few other bridge-view restaurants along the river which could also be great alternatives.


Visit the Kriva Cuprija bridge - the mini version of Stari Most bridge!

If you're wondering what to do in Mostar with some extra time before you leave, on the west side of the old town, just a couple of minutes from Stari Most is a miniature version of the famous stone bridge!

Kriva Cuprija is actually slightly older than Star Most, built in 1558, some believe it was a trial version before the bigger version was built. It means ‘the crooked bridge’ and is tucked away between charming old town streets and crosses the Neretva River.

a small stone bridge with houses and a mountain in the backgroun

Kriva Cuprija


Summary: Planning your day trips from Split to Mostar

There are a great selection of tour options from Split to Mostar that I highly recommend using if you want to spend 1 day in Mostar.

But whether you plan your Split to Mostar day tour with a company or decide on an independent Split to Mostar day trip, I hope this Mostar 1 day itinerary helps you plan how to spend your time in this beautiful, historic city.

This has been one of my favourite day trips from Split because the culture is so different from that in Croatia and it’s made me want to go back and explore more of what Bosnia & Herzegovina has to offer.

Pin this for later to plan your future trip!

Plan your Split to Mostar day trip with this Mostar itinerary or find the best Mostar tour recommendations from Split or Dubrovnik for while you’re in Croatia. | old bridge mostar bosnia and herzegovina | mostar bosnia herzegovina | mostar bosnia tra
Plan your Split to Mostar day trip with this Mostar itinerary or find the best Mostar tour recommendations from Split or Dubrovnik for while you’re in Croatia. | old bridge mostar bosnia and herzegovina | mostar bosnia herzegovina | mostar bosnia tra