Visiting the Cetina River Spring, Croatia: How to get there, can you swim and interesting facts

The Cetina River Spring (Vrela Cetine) is a stunning hidden gem in Croatia and the source of the Cetina River in Croatia. It starts near the village of Cetina, which is just 10km from the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Cetina River flows over 100km to the Adriatic Sea where the Cetina River mouth is located in Omis.

Also called the Eye of the Earth Croatia and the Blue Eye, the Cetina River source is the source of drinking water for thousands of people in Split-Dalmatia County and Sibenik-Knin county in Croatia.

The stunning blue shades of the spring and incredible clarity make this a popular spot for photography, drone photography and a unique location to visit in Croatia.

Here’s everything you need to know about visiting the Cetina River Spring after I visited in 2023.

aerial view of cetina river spring with a church on the hill

Cetina River Spring, Croatia

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Cetina River Spring: everything you need to know

Where is the Cetina River Spring Blue Eye?

Located on the edge of Cetina village, close to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina and 15 minutes from the town of Vinalic and 30 minutes from Knin.

The spring lies at the foot of the Dinara mountain range, along the edge of the Pag Fields.

The Cetina Blue Eye Spring is around 100km from the coast and the where the mouth of the Cetina River meets the sea in Omis.


Cetina River Spring depth

How deep is the Cetina River Spring? 

Divers have investigated to a depth of 115m (508ft) but those divers did not reach the bottom so the actual depth is unknown.


Is the Cetina River Spring free to visit?

Yes, there is no fee to visit the spring. There are a handful of parking spaces right next to it and as of 2023 there is no charge to park either.


About the Cetina River Spring

turquoise blue spring from above

Blue Eye, Cetina River Spring Croatia

The area of the spring covers an area of 29.81ha. The whole site contains a series of karst springs and the three main springs are:

  • Veliko Vrilo

  • Vukovica Vrilo

  • Batica Vrilo

Because the spring is located in the foothills of the Dinara Mountain Range, the spring was formed where permeable marl in the field and water met with the impermeable limestone of the plateau.

The stunning blue-green colour and incredible clarity of the water makes this a truly stunning place to see!

You can find a raised wooden platform to the side of the spring to view the spring from and there’s a short information board. Then there is a series of steps down to the side of the spring itself.

There’s also a very picturesque church, Pravoslavna Crkva Vaznesenja Gospodnjeg right next to the Cetina River Spring.

Cetina River Spring in the foot of the Dinara Mountains

The steps down to the Spring from the viewing area


Can you swim in the Cetina River Spring?

Several years ago there was no rule against swimming in the spring, but now there are many signs and rules to stop you from swimming.

This is because the spring has become more well-known and although it’s not too busy (because it’s not easy to reach without a car), the spring is first and foremost drinking water for thousands of people in the surrounding area of Dalmatia and Sibenik-Knin counties.

Would you want to know that someone was swimming in your drinking water before you consume it?

Please respect the signs and don’t swim (or let your dogs) in the water.


Cetina River Spring diving

There have been documented investigations of Cetina River Spring diving to learn more about the geological structure. Also when it was possible to swim in, some people would dive or freedive to explore the Cetina Spring caves and rock formations.

However at this time, it is not possible to go diving in the Cetina River Spring.


How to get to the Cetina River Spring, Croatia

The Cetina River Source

The source of the Cetina River in Croatia

Part of what makes the Earth’s Eye Cetina River Spring such a great Croatia hidden gem is because it is very difficult to reach without having a vehicle.

I recommend having a car, hiring a vehicle or if you’re with a big group, perhaps hiring a minibus or taxi is cheaper as a group.

Private transfers are also available.

We had our own car and were able to drive there from Split which took 1 hour 15 minutes.

From Sibenik to Cetina River Spring is a 1 hour drive.

Following the directions on Google Maps worked well enough to get us there, just type in “Cetina River Spring Blue Eye” or alternatively you can map to the church next to it “Pravoslavna Crkva Vaznesenja Gospodnjeg”.


How to get to Cetina River Spring by train

You can take a train from Split to Knin which takes 2 hours, you will then need to take a taxi for 30 minutes to the Cetina River Spring.

Check the timetables here.


How to get to Cetina River Spring by bus

Currently there are no direct buses to the surrounding area of the Spring. You can take multiple buses with various changes between Split, Sibenik and Knin but it would be a long journey!


Is the Cetina River Spring worth visiting?

steps down to the turquoise blue eye pool

View of the spring from the viewing platform

I think if you have a drone, if you’re into travel or nature photography or if you don’t mind driving out of your way to reach off the beaten path destinations, then visiting the Spring is great.

But there is nothing else to do or see there and only a short path down to the spring to walk around. We probably spent about 30 minutes there walking around and taking pictures, so it’s a long way to go if you perhaps are thinking of going by train or maybe if you have young children.

Alternatively, it could work as a stop if you have a private transfer and are perhaps going between Split and Plitvice Lakes and can ask them to take a detour for you.

The true impact of the blue green colour of the spring can be difficult to see on cloudy days, especially if you don’t have a drone - the colour is definitely most impactful from above as you can see from these photos!


How to photograph the Cetina River Spring

cetina rivier spring source - earths eye

Cetina River Spring drone photos are the best way to see the true beauty of the spring. That’s not to say it’s not beautiful without seeing it by drone.

But on a cloudy day, it was difficult to see the vibrant blue and green colour of the spring until we got the drone into the air.

There is a very picturesque church on the hill next to the spring that’s also beautiful to photograph as well as the mountain range in the background.


Summary: How to visit Cetina River Spring

The Cetina River Blue Eye is a true hidden gem that can be challenging to get to if you don’t have your own vehicle.

It’s a beautiful place to photograph for travel photographers, nature photographers and drone photographers and videographers will love it!

Hopefully this guide gives you all the information you need for how to visit the Croatia Blue Eye!

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