12 Best things to do in Postira, Brac Island Croatia - where to stay, where to eat and what to do

Brac Island has quickly become my favourite Croatian island and having lived in Split for over a year, Brac is the closest island to Split, perfect for a day trip from Split, so I’ve had plenty of chances to visit.

Brac (pronounced like “Bratch”) is the biggest Dalmatia island but it’s definitely more overlooked in comparison to neighbouring Hvar or popular Korcula.

I’ve also spent some time living in Postira as a digital nomad (it’s currently the only place with fibre optic internet on the island!)

The town is quiet, friendly, very walkable and I love it because unlike most of Croatia, it still has activity all year round thanks to its other two main industries - olive oil and fishing.

Postira is also a great hub if you’re an outdoor lover, cyclist or adventure enthusiast as it’s well-connected to many of the famous cycling routes on Brac Island, has great coastal access with plenty of watersport activities and you can follow hiking trails to Vidova Gora too!

postira brac island from above

Postira, Brac Island Croatia

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How to get to Postira,  Brac Island

tall boats in a blue harbour surrounded by yellow and orange houses


The easiest way to get to Brac Island from Split is by ferry. Find the ferry times here with Jadrolinija - Croatia’s national ferry service.

The ferry crossing takes just 50 minutes from Split port to Supetar on Brac Island. From Supetar it’s just a 15 minute car journey to Postira. If you’d like a car or scooter for your time on Brac Island, I recommend hiring one in Supetar so you avoid the rental fee and additional ticket price of taking the car on the ferry from Split.


The best things to do in Postira

1. Explore Old Town, the beaches and cafes

Croatian stone houses with orange roofs on the edge of the sea at sunset

Postira at sunset

Postira has a small, charming and very walkable old town area with cobbled streets and narrow stone alleyways. The old town closest to the water has some incredibly steep roads down to the water, but the views are incredible and you can see the mountain ranges on the mainland too. An amazing view to enjoy from one of the cafes lining the waterfront.

The town beach is a small bay which I was very happy to see has an accessible ramp too. The water is clear and the beach is pebbly. It can get windy out there on cooler days but in the sun it’s just stunning.

Don’t miss the oldest centre of the village at Pjaca Postira where you’ll also find St John the Baptist Church.


2. Visit Dol Ethno Village

a small village of stone houses on a green hill - Dol Croatia

Dol Ethno Village, Croatia

Although Dol is historically and technically a separate village, this incredible protected village dates back centuries and it is looked after as part of Postira.

Ethno Village means it’s protected by the Croatian government, you need a permit to make changes to it or build anything new. As you approach the village from the outskirts of Postira, it really does look like a scene of the Shire from Lord of the Rings! With houses perched on the hill and a small stream and waterfall running between the buildings 

There are just 100 residents in Dol, 3 great restaurants and it’s like an open air museum with great signage telling you about the famous Good Friday Procession in Dol, the legend of the creature that supposedly lived in the caves above the village. The caves themselves which started off as the first shelters for residents of the village centuries ago. You can even go inside some of the remaining caves that were once used as houses.

Hrapocusa Cake (pronounced rap-choosa) literally translates to “rough cake” and is a traditional baked cake of Dol - you’ll find places to buy it and try it along the main street (there’s only 1 main street!)

Further up the hill above the village, you can also see historic stone beehives which were a significant find when they were uncovered under shrubbery several years ago - finds like this have helped researchers understand the primary industries and ways of life in Dol centuries ago.


3. Hire a bike and cycle to Lovrecina Bay or one of the 100s of Brac Island cycle routes

girl holding a bike on a jetty

Lovrecina Bay and jetty

Brac is the Croatian island with the most cycling trails, with 25 trails totalling over 1000km!

Postira is a popular starting point for cycling tours who arrive by boat during the season, but you can also hire a bike very cheaply from Postira if you’d prefer to explore the area nearby on two wheels.

We rented bikes from the bicycle hire shop in Postira on Kogule 18 (street address). It’s labelled on Google Maps as Rent-a-bike / e-bike / e-scooter Postira. Prices were very affordable.

We then cycled east along the coast to Plaza Lovrecina which is a sandy beach! If you spend any time in Croatia you’ll know that most beaches are pebble and a sand beach is rare! There’s a beautiful wooden jetty here with steps for swimming access and the views are just stunning. I’d plan to spend a day here if I were you!


4. Visit the Olive Oil Factory, Olive Oil Museum and see the famous International Olive Picking Championship

Postira olive picking and olive oil factory

Most coastal areas of Croatia rely primarily on tourism, meaning they are very seasonal. However Postira doesn’t just thrive on tourism. It also has a large olive oil industry and fishing industry which means the town stays relatively lively throughout the year as most locals work in these industries.

You will see the olive groves on the hills and you can visit the olive oil factory in the centre of Postira to learn about the olive oil making process. In nearby Skrip on Brac Island, you can also visit the famous Brac Island Olive Oil Museum to learn about the history of olive oil and try some samples too - this might not sound like the most thrilling thing to do on Brac Island but I can confidently say it is fascinating to learn about and the olive oil definitely tastes better!

I also learned so much, for example did you know that Extra Virgin Olive Oil means the olives are brought straight from the field and oil is produced from the olives straight away. However, if it’s called just Virgin Olive Oil it means the olives were kept in salt water and not used to produce oil straight away.

There’s also a shop at the factory and I STOCKED UP on olive oil to take back for my mum in the UK because olive oil is so expensive everywhere else in the world right now - but not here in Postira - it’s fresh and significantly cheaper!

If you visit in October, look out for the Olive Picking World Championships!


5. Try the incredible seafood

seafood platter

Seafood at Hotel Pastura

I’ve mentioned that one of the main industries in Postira is fishing so of course you have to try some of the fresh and amazing seafood.

We had a stunning 3 course seafood meal at Hotel Pastura (you don’t need to be staying there to eat at the restaurant) and I had the best octopus salad, tuna steak, anchovies and prawns - literally my dream meal to have that much seafood!


Day trips from Postira

Even though Brac is the biggest of the Dalmatian islands, it’s still very drivable at just 48km long, so you can easily explore other places to see on Brac by car or scooter.

Bol and Zlatni Rat beach aka Golden Horn Beach

sand bar beach and turquoise blue water

Zlatni Rat, aka Golden Horn Beach Brac Island

Golden Horn beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world, with the iconic golden sand bar jutting out into the turquoise blue water.

The sand is actually small pebbles through and the beach is windy and is therefore popular with wind surfers and kite surfers so you might want to take a windbreaker!

Parking  is at the top of the beach and costs around 5 euros for the day (I’m not 100% sure on the price as it varies throughout the year depending on the season and I’ve never visited during peak season)

There are toilets, cafes, bars and changing facilities at the beach so you can easily spend a day here.

However I also recommend stopping by Bol, the town where Zlatni Rat beach is located. The waterfront there is gorgeous, there’s a winery called Stina Winery where you can do tours and it’s right on the water. There are also plenty of great restaurants there.


Blaca Monastery

old monastery built into cliff

Blaca Monastery

Blaca Hermitage is a remote monastery dating back to the 16th century and it’s built into the side of a cliff. It was also used as a school and lastly by a Priest who was also an astronomer who lived there until his death in the 1960s. 

A word of warning, this is not the easiest place to reach. The road down is a 7km unfinished track and while I saw smaller cars driving on it, we were in an all-wheel drive vehicle with higher ground clearance and I would not have wanted much lower ground clearance considering how rocky the terrain was!

Once you get the car parking area, it’s then 30 minutes hike down to the monastery itself which is steep in some spots but fairly doable. Just take water as there isn’t much shade in some parts.

There is an onsite museum which can be visited by tour only. Tours cost 7 euros and it’s cash only. Unfortunately the language barrier meant we learnt very little from the tour guide who didn’t speak English but someone else in our group was able to translate.


Vidova Gora

mountain top view from vidova gora

The highest mountain peak on any of the Adriatic Islands, standing at 778m. It’s the highest point on Brac and can be reached on a hiking trail from Bol.

However you’ll be pleased to know that it’s also possible to drive to the peak and see the incredible views from the top. From the top you can see Golden Horn Beach below, the whole of Brac island, neighbouring Hvar and many other Croatian islands on a clear day.


The best activities in Postira, Brac Island

If you’re ready to book one of the activities on offer in Postira such as kayaking or cycling tours of Brac Island, check out these options:


Where to stay in Postira, Brac Island

There are just four hotels in Postira, but all are 4-star. There are also plenty of apartment rental options and self-catered accommodation in Postira like the stunning apartment we stayed in right on the water.

Check prices and availability.

Postira Hotels:


Summary: Postira Brac Island - what to do, where to eat, where to stay and what to see

I hope this guide puts Postira on the map for you and if you’re planning to visit Brac Island you’re wondering where to stay on Brac Island, I highly recommend using Postira as a base to explore the island, there’s plenty of activities, it’s close to the port at Supetar, the town is walkable, has plenty to do and is beautiful!

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