Visiting Croatia in November: what to expect

Croatia is a beautiful country with so much to offer visitors, from stunning architecture and Mediterranean beaches, to incredible food and wine. And while the summer months are the busiest time to visit, there are plenty of reasons to put Croatia on your radar for a fall or winter getaway in Croatia. 

We’ve lived in Croatia since March and are now going into December and I really want to share why I think visiting Croatia in November is a great idea!

Here's everything you need to know about visiting Croatia in November, from the Croatia climate in November to the events you might want to check out on your trip!

p.s. every photo in this article is taken in November 2022!

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Clear reflective water in a bay with the many stone buildings of Split old town in the distance during sunset

Split Harbour


What is Croatia like in November

A long stone pathway with many restaurant's with outdoor seating lining the side of the pathway stretching into the distance

Split Riva

I feel like major tourist spots like Split, Dubrovnik or Zagreb get a second life in November. The cities come alive with locals, everything is cheaper, everyone is celebrating a successful season and looking forward to the Christmas festivities.

Exploring the cities in November feels like you’ve discovered a hidden destination because they feel nothing like the bustling tourist season in the summer, in fact you can go days without hearing an international language - the complete opposite of the summer months! It feels like a more authentic and also more relaxed experience in Croatia in November.

Croatia in early November was still hitting a very pleasant 22oC (72oF). Towards the end of the month, it became rainier and the days were shorter, but still nowhere near as chilly as I’d expect at this time of year in the UK! 

As long as you’re not coming to Croatia in November and expecting a beach holiday, here’s what you’ll find instead:

  • Mild temperatures, you’ll still need jeans and a coat, especially for the evenings but it doesn’t drop below 10oC during the day

  • Cheaper prices for food, drinks and accommodation - the tourist season is over, now you’ll be paying local prices!

  • A more local, friendly atmosphere in hubs like Split, Dubrovnik, Zagreb - after avoiding the city full of tourists for the summer months, the locals can enjoy their towns and cities without the high prices and packed crowds of visitors

  • Advent starts in the last week of November - Croatia starts decorating for Christmas in mid-November and the Christmas Markets start towards the end of the month - Christmas markets and palm trees anyone?!


Weather in Croatia in November

A pebble beach with bright turquoise water during a clear sunny day

Beach in Split

The Croatia weather in November can be quite variable, but overall it's still mild and sunny, especially along the coast. 

The Croatia temperature in November hovers around 10-15oC (50-60F) during the day for most of the month, although during our November here, we saw temperatures in the 15-22oC range for most of the month except when it because rainy towards the end of the month and returned to around 10-15oC. 

Some parts of the country, usually inland, can see temperatures dipping to 0-5oC (30-40F) at night, but on the coast it’s usually warmer. Our experience living in Split, Croatia in November is that it’s never dropped lower than 8oC at night and we only saw that a couple of times around the 25th November.

While you're unlikely to see much snow in November, it's not unheard of for there to be a light dusting in some inland parts of the country, we experienced a significant amount of snow in Plitvice Lakes National Park in winter

Generally, Croatia in November weather is much milder than most of Europe is experiencing at this time of year!


What to Pack for Croatia in November 

A girl with a knit hat, long puffy jacket, sweater, and skirt with leggings on. She is standing on the endge of a marina at night holding a pizza box

Split winter wear

Because of the variable weather, it's important to pack layers when visiting Croatia in November. 

I would recommend a sweater and a light jacket such as a windbreaker or waterproof which will be handy for cooler nights or days spent exploring inland towns away from the coast. It can also get quite breezy on the coast or if you decide to head out on the water for a day.

Comfortable shoes are also a must - you'll be doing a lot of walking! 

I can’t promise you that there will be beach weather in November in Croatia, however in early November this year, we were still at the beach! Also the water is warmer in November than it is in April/May because it’s been warmed up all summer by the sun, so if you’re brave enough and the weather looks good, you might want to bring a swimsuit!

Here’s the full list of must-haves that I’d recommend:

  • Short sleeved and long sleeved shirts and tshirts for layering

  • A sweater

  • A light jacket (ideally windproof or waterproof)

  • A hat (either a cap to block the sun or a warmer hat if you’re prone to cold ears like me!)

  • Jeans or longer skirt/dress/tights to cover your legs

  • Comfortable shoes - trainers or sneakers are fine

  • A swimsuit if you’re brave!


Flight Availability and Prices to Croatia in November 

Flights from within Europe to Croatia in November

A view from an airplane window looking down at the coastline of Croatia


You’ll see a pattern emerging here… there are significantly less flights to Croatia in November compared to during the summer.

In fact to give you an example, there are only around 5-7 international flight arrivals a day into Split airport, whereas this is quadrupled during the summer season.

There are almost no direct flights from the UK to Split in November, the last direct flight I could find this year was 5th November. However there are direct flights from London to Zagreb. So if you’re visiting Croatia from the UK in winter, I suggest a flight into Zagreb and a domestic flight (or renting a car!) if you want to explore elsewhere in the country.

If you’re planning to visit Split, Dubrovnik or Rijeka, you’ll find Croatia in November travel is possible from these airports in Europe with a direct flight:

  • Munich

  • Frankfurt

  • Dusseldorf

  • Zurich

  • Amsterdam

  • Rome

  • Dublin (Dubrovnik only)

  • London (Zagreb and Dubrovnik only)

There are also international flights into Dubrovnik from Korea and Turkey.

For any other flight routes, I recommend flying into Zagreb and taking a domestic flight.


Flights from the US to Croatia in November

A sunset view of Split's harbour with slear water, boats, and the old town in the background

Split, Croatia

Flights to Croatia are widely available in November, although you may have more luck finding deals from European airports rather than flying from the US. I recommend flying into Frankfurt which is a large European hub which is serviced by Delta and Virgin Airlines. (we’ve flown from Ft. Lauderdale and Detroit into Frankfurt before). 

Prices will also be lower than during peak travel season, making it a great time for budget-minded travellers. When booking accommodation, keep in mind that prices will also be lower than during peak season - another perk of travelling during the off season! 


Things to do in Croatia in November

Visit popular destinations without the crowds

Rocky Coastline

Dubrovnik in November is unrecognisable without the crowds, Split is a thriving local city, Hvar, Pula, Makarska, and Rijeka - all these places are free of the summer tourists and you’ll experience a more relaxed and authentic Croatia.

Despite being the most famous destination in Croatia, Dubrovnik is actually really small with a population of around 30,000 people (Split is around 170,000) so seeing Dubrovnik without the crowds is a very quiet city indeed!

In Dubrovnik and some of the islands you might find that a lot of restaurants and attractions are closed as they only open for the season. But visiting Split, Zagreb or other larger cities like Rijeka or Pula will still have plenty to do.


Take a ferry out to the islands

Clear water duing sunset with a rocky beach sticking out into the water. In the distance is an island with a white ferry crossing the water

Islands off Split in the distance

Locals live on the islands so the ferries continue to run all year round. While the sailing trips and boat tours aren’t really as prevalent in November, the ferry is cheaper and very reliable. Plus if you have a rental car you can go across to some islands like Brac and Hvar and enjoy an island road trip, hopping between island towns and off the beaten path destinations.

My favourite island day trip from Split is Brac Island and the ferry is only about 1 hour.

There is also a catamaran ferry from Split to Hvar although that doesn’t carry cars but it does drop you right into the port at Hvar Old Town.


Take part in events and festivities

A colourfully lit Christmas tree in the centre of an ice rink with a stage in the background. The area is surrounded by a colourful old building with many arches and windows.

Split Christmas Market

From food festivals and wine tastings to the Advent Christmas Markets, ice rinks and live music. There is so much going on in the thriving cities around Croatia in November.

I recommend checking the relevant city tourism board website (listed below) and also checking Facebook for local events being organised by restaurants, venues or organisations which you might be interested in.

Split tourism

Zagreb Tourism

Dubrovnik Tourism

Rijeka Tourism

  • Zagreb Film Festival

  • Zagreb Advent and Christmas Market

  • Split Advent 

  • Taste the Mediterranean Festival Split

  • Archeology Film Festival

  • International Gourmet Competition

  • Ballet and the Opera

  • Rijeka Advent

  • Dubrovnik Veteran Car Rally

  • Dubrovnik Winter Festival


Eat and drink with much cheaper prices!

A large outdoor seating area of a restaurant with large parasols. A colourful old building with many  archways and windows

Restaurant in Split

Croatia is such an underrated foodie destination! With a real melting pot of gastro influences from Italy, Greece, Turkey, Mediterranean and of course, Balkan.

The menu prices are increased by 10-20% (sometimes more!) in tourist hotspots - which really shocked us when we realised. The prices are raised between May-early September, so in November you’ll be paying local prices - which is much closer to the budget-friendly prices you’d expect from visiting a Balkan country.

If you’re heading to Split, discover my list of the best places to eat in Split!


Summary: Why you can (and should!) visit Croatia in November

I’m not going to pretend that the Croatia climate in November is anything like it is in July or August, but it is much milder than most of Europe at this time of year. If you’re someone who doesn’t like hot weather and would prefer a cooler trip, with cheaper prices and pretty much no tourists, Croatia November travel could be for you!

I love November in Split and Dubrovnik in November because it feels like you’re suddenly in a hidden gem destination, completely off the beaten path; these tourist hotspots suddenly become smaller, friendlier, more local, and you don’t hear international languages from one day to the next and it’s like the cities get a second life.

I’d love to encourage more people to take Croatia holidays in November and experience this other side of the country that’s more focused on events, food, drink, and experiences rather than sunshine and beach days.

Whether you're looking for sunny weather, cheaper flights or accommodation rates, or the chance to explore without crowds, Visiting Croatia in November can be a great way to experience all this wonderful country has to offer. So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable trip!

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